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It’s episode two of HGTV Design Star, and before the credits even roll I’m having a hard time not wishing that someone would accidentally spill their beer all over Nina’s head. Because then maybe she would stop using her mouth to dig her own grave.

Emily Henderson, Nina Ferrer and Tera Hampton from HGTV Design Star

Emily Henderson, Nina Ferrer and Tera Hampton from HGTV Design Star

Also, for a second there before they flashed the name Casey on the screen, I thought Reese Witherspoon had suddenly joined Design Star. How awesome would that be? GET YER STUBBORN SELF DOWN HERE AND GET ME SOME BROCADE.

This week! The first Design Star fashion show. Contestants are challenged to design an apartment based on the design of an outfit, and among the choices are an elegant evening gown, pajamas, suits, even a wedding gown. Nina grabs the evening gown, Courtland grabs a suit, and so on, until Genevieve drops the catch: two teams. Men vs. women.

It's boys vs. girls


And every outfit chosen by each designer has to be incorporated into the design. That’s five completely different looks per apartment… um… Design Star? I think your rules are cute and all, but I think they may have a methamphetamine problem.

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8 Responses

  1. t_paul says:

    They have totally ruined Design Stars!!!! Does this show now remind you of a cross between "The Apprentice" and a soap opera???? What is with all the focus for the show being on just the drama between contestants?? Hardly any of the true design work is being shown. Hey this is not ABC NBC or even FOX network, so why do we need to transform a great show with good mass appeal to the followers of HGTV, into some kind of Reality TV Drama Game Show????

    I'm sorry but Vern just can't translate into being Donald Trump from Apprentice with his Billionare, I don't care if you like what I say attitude? And what with Candice Olson morphing into Leona Helmsley, with the rude, stuck up, better than anyone else attidude? I mean come on people, what the H E Double hockey stick is going on with this show???!!!???

    IF something is not broke, don't come in with new and not improved ideas to try and get those that might be viewing the WWF progams to turn the channel to HGTV for some fake and phoney attitudes and drama king and queens to get some ratings.

  2. jwm says:

    I sort of agree. I like that the judges are also hosting. Whether or not the judges can control themselves this year (since Clive couldn't seem to do it last year) remains to be seen. I do think the personality conflicts are taking over the show, but then the premise (who ever thought picking a lot of random outfits should inspire a cohesive design? That was nuts!) practically guaranteed failure. The fighting did not endear any of them to me.

    And about Nina….. No way was she going to be eliminated.. since she's causing most of the conflict that design star seems to be about so far this year. At least they made her sweat a little putting her in the bottom two.

    I'll give it another week. When I start dreading one of my favorite shows because it makes me squirm, it soon ceases to be a favorite. We shall see.

  3. Heidi says:

    Agree with jwm , one more week and I may be walking away. Disappointing.

  4. Alice says:

    One think we all kind of forget. This show was taped months ago. The "Star" is already taping shows. Just hope its not Nina. I think they gave a new format a try, but I hope they read what the fans have to say – because its not working.

  5. Amber Janel says:

    I was glad the men won and it wasn't because their design was that much better. The only way HGTV could justify televising this much in-fighting would be to say we're getting a good look at the actual personality of the designers and this will help us decide our favorite. The women really were pitiful. Nina and Tera were completely obnoxious, Stacey was whiney and the other two are going to have to develop a back-bone. Courtland was in fact the standout to me and I'm soo glad he won. The guy in the hat really needs to go.

  6. GeezerGran says:

    This definitely is not my favorite year. I too am a little tired to the drama. I can get that if I watch soaps. I gave that up years ago, so why would I continue with this junk. I am looking for design and who might be in our living room next year. David and Antonio, they need some help with this crew and the entire show. One more show and I am out of here.

  7. Faith says:

    The drama is fine with me…makes the in between a little more interesting, IMO, and it's likely giving us the realness of what it must be like to be a part of a competition like this, especially when you have a bunch of creative minds like designers involved.

    But what I don't like is not knowing how long the contestants have to complete their challenge, how much their budget is, and the fact that Vern apparently isn't being fed, or something, because he is just downright MEAN this season. It seems unneccesary and just ugly.

    And the last second conference the judges have in front of the bottom two to "decide" who is going home? C'mon, now. That's just stupid.

    Hating the new format, is my point.

  8. AlabamaRose says:

    I agree with the comments. This show is a loser this year. This is not the Real Housewives of Design…. way too much personal drama, rudeness, arrogance and ugliness. I am watching for design ideas, which seem to be missing in action this year. Come on HGTV, you are better that this.

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