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design-happens-green-home-mcgee110x400It’s an exciting day in the world of Freebie Fridays. We’re giving you the chance to win an original work of art from artist Carrie McGee, whose piece 5 Strands is featured in the 2010 HGTV Green Home in Plymouth, Mass. Carrie has created the new piece, Oscillations, just for Design Happens readers. Oscillations was made by using rust, metal leaf and oil paint on acrylic blocks to create a truly unique work of art. For a chance to win this beautiful piece, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, June 28.  To find out more about Carrie’s piece, check out Gail, the HGTV Green Home Super Fan’s video. Be sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. Mark your calenders for June 28 at 8 e/p for an in-depth tour of the home with Sabrina Soto. At the end of the show, watch as Jamie Durie hands over the keys and $100,000 to one lucky winner. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

This week we want to know, what are you doing to make your home more eco-friendly? Cutting down on energy usage by properly insulating your walls? Minimizing the need for irrigation by planting hardy, native plants? You have until 12/11c Monday to answer. Click for official rules. The 2010 HGTV Green Home is only the second home in Massachusetts to achieve Gold certification by the National Association of Home Builders — see why here.


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  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much Gail for sneaking in this awesome prize, how incredible that Ms. Carrie was so willing to give her art to a lucky HGTV Green Home fan. Beautiful artwork, the winner will not only have an inspiring piece of art, but a memory of the Green Home journey as well. Thanks!

  2. Cindy says:

    I have a vegetable garden for the past 3 years, I live in a condo community and there isn't much sun nor space but I do it anyhow, onions, peppers, cukes, tomatoes, eggplant, herbs etc etc..I use no chemcials because I am trying to attract the bees and the butterflies..I wish it would rain here more in Savannah, Georgia but when it does I collect the rain water in buckets.."THE BEST WATER FOR PLANTS COMES FROM THE HEAVENS!"—One day I hope to get a rain barrel like the one that was seen at this 2010 Green Home but I can't afford it at the moment..so I continue how I have been collecting the rain, one drop at a time in a reuseable bucket *smile* Thanks Gail for all your FUN Videos..

  3. Guest says:

    Considering almost everyone on this blog so far is anonymous, I think you're going to have a lot less blogs from those of us who just log on as a guest once in a while (probably why there is only one page on the GH blog and 2 here already). Thanks for letting me blog up until this point, I don't think I'll register though.

    I do understand why you want to control those awful comments.
    Good luck to everyone and congratulations to the winner.

  4. Melly1979 says:

    OMG, that piece is beautiful! I love the color and the transition of the color from one piece to the next! Thank you to the artist and Thank You to HGTV! You guys rock sox and you're so very generous! :)

  5. kimtex911 says:

    We have added insullation andinstalled dark screens to windows. We caulked all open places on windows/doors. The temp set on 80 degrees. i replaced light bulbs with energy effecient & turn them offwhen unused. We have repaired any leaky faucets. We recycle plastic/paper goods & have compost pile. i grow herbs.. I recycle old pillows &usestuffings for throw pillows.We plan our errands to save gas.I buy the reusable bags for shopping. When something is broken we fit it. We give old furniture a face lift by refinishing or spray painting. Too chilly in the winter? We put on more clothes. When redecorating a room, I have used inspiration from HGTV shows….that show me how to look around to see what I already have and give it a different use. i've gone 'natural" in some designs by useing rock mosaics or even spray painting branches for wall decorations …really pretty. It's been fun to challenge myself to see what different uses I can find that is practical and inexpensive and reuseable,.and my friends are amazed and delighted (and have even copied some of my designs) what a compliment!!!

  6. HopinWishinDreamin says:

    I no longer buy bottled water…instead I bought a filtering system for the tap water and I use a re-useable aluminum water bottle. I wash all of my clothes in cold water to save energy…AND I use compact fluorescent light bulbs in all of my lamps/light sockets.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Bummer that I didn't win the green home, but happy again to know that HGTV is giving us another chance to win something nice. Thanks HGTV!

  8. juliannacap says:

    We recently had work done on our house. The walls were insulated, we installed a new energy efficient furnace, and we also put in a new refrigerator. Weatherstripping was added to our front and back door as well as the basement door. Old light bulbs were also replaced with energy saving bulbs. All the windows in the house were replaced. We also started washing all of our laundry in cold water. Most things we wash get hung up in the basement to dry instead of using the dryer.

  9. juliannacap says:

    Another thing we do is make sure that all the garbage that is recyclable goes out in the bins. Used to be just newspapers. Now, it is glass, plastic, and cardboard. We take old clothes to the church so they can be donated to other people. I take my old magazines to the library.

    Last summer, we even donated all the old bikes we had laying around to an organization that fixes them up and gives them away to families that can't afford to buy bikes for their children.

    I traded in my car for a newer one that is better on gas. I am still trying to get my husband to give up his fuel-guzzling truck.

    So far this year, we haven't even put in our air conditioners. We have been running fans throughout the house to save on our electric bills.

    There is more we can do. We keep looking for ways to save money and our natural resources.

  10. bongo says:

    Hi Gail and thanks

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