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In celebration of summer, I gathered ideas and images for one of my favorite summer night activities — sitting around a campfire.

The Cocoon Standing grill in black by Cocoon Fires.  From Tréndir.

The Hemi 36 from Solus Decor is a great bowl of fire that can light up any party. From The Home Outside.

Even more portable, the Lighthouse Ball, designed by Christian Bjorn, fits anywhere s’more lovers gather. From GrassrootsModern.

Elle Decor features this rustic fire pit with attachable grill top for outdoor fun and feasting. From Chic Coles.

This contemporary fire pit has a sleek design — get your guitar and campfire songs ready. From Solus.

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  1. empori_exchange says:

    o my god…its great. its really cute! i think its also user friendly. but plz keep your children away from it cause they are too much hot.
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  2. toney says:

    Burning wood is a lame idea as most of you know by now. Might just land you in a court room.
    Natural gas would be a better and safer choice. The best decision to avoid trouble down the road? Fire pits is nice option to save fire and home. Do some research if you don't understand things. http://www.firepits.me.uk

  3. Toney Ahuja says:

    The best firepits i have ever seen here. can i see some more good stuff of such kind of firepits. http://www.firepits.me.uk/

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