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Eartheasy, a family-owned and operated business in Parksville, British Columbia, strives to improve the lives of their customers by offering products that promote a simpler life through sustainable living.  Eartheasy’s Ceramic Compost Keeper is an elegant reminder to return uneaten organic matter back to the earth. The compost keeper is an attractive and effective place to stash kitchen scraps until you’re ready to put them into your garden composter.


One reader will receive the Ceramic Compost Keeper along with two filters. For a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, July 12.

This week’s question: What’s your favorite part about gardening?

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123 Responses

  1. Amy says:


  2. vstark says:

    I love the fact that things actually GROW in this garden. I've never had good soil before. I get volunteer tomatoes and herbs every year.

  3. Laurie says:

    My favorite part of gardening is seeing all the pretty flowers in bloom.

  4. Tamara Glamocak says:

    I love the results fresh fruits and veggies bring to my meals. You can definitely taste the difference.

  5. Hope says:

    I don't particularly care for gardening to be honest. I grew up working in the garden and it got old quick! Now, with three kids, I find myself wanting to share a piece of that history…the hard work, the reward, and appreciation for the earth. We are a newly retired military family in our first home and now I'm researching how to compost so we can hopefully plant our little garden next spring!

  6. Debbie says:

    My favorite thing about gardening is that it is so much like painting — you start with a blank canvas(soil), add some paints (plants) and a beautiful picture (garden) develops.

  7. My favorite part of gardening is seeing the first signs of fruits/veggies on the plants. I stand there and think "wow! I did it!" :)

  8. Monica Mingo says:

    Well…it certainly isn't finding half eaten tomatoes the neighborhood squirrel gangs leave that's for sure. Grrrrrrrr…

    That said…just using the earth for what it was meant to be used for brings me an extraordinary sense of satisfaction.

  9. Sheila H. says:

    My favorite part of gardening is planting. I love the feel of fresh tilled soil in my hands

  10. Liz Bidon says:

    I enjoy the fruits of my labor and eating veggies I planted that are chemical free, they taste so much better! Gardening is so relaxing!!

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