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You may notice things look a little different on HGTV.com.

We know that lot of you think about design by room, so we updated our navigation to make exploration easier.
Some topics, though, cover the whole house. You can find those under Decorating.
We also know you care a lot about color. You’ll see this grid on various pages throughout the site. Use it to search thousands of photos of designer rooms.
We’ve packed a lot more information into our pages. On our section fronts, like Kitchens and Landscaping, you will see, along with other good stuff, our regular programming joined by the latest and the most popular articles in that section.

You may see some glitchy pages while we transition to the new format. We hope you’ll be patient while we iron out the last few kinks. We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best HGTV.com ever!

All these changes are based on feedback and requests from readers. Let us know in the comments if we did right by you. And if you’re lost, let us know that too. We’ll get you pointed in the right direction.


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44 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    I came to this site to see whatw happened to my favorite shows. They are no loner on HGTV. I love Candice Olsen and her "Devine Design" show. What happened to it? David B with his old crew in the SF Bay Area is gone. I did like to watch the shows that helped you dell your home with Clive and Lisa especially. Are you gys doing a makeover of the network or is th is leaving us, too. Please tell me where my shows went. I also enjoyed the Feng Shui shows. I love Feng shui and would love to see more of that especially the orignal shows that you put on the air. Please post on your website what you are going to do about the favorite shows that your audience is screaming for.

  2. Rene B. says:

    Home and Garden TV??? might as well be called The Real Estate Channel. I am tired of the buying and selling home shows. I love Lisa LaPorta's decorating style but I don't need to see it to sell my house. I want to see new Design on a Dime, Decorating Cents and I loved the show Sensible Chic. David Bromstadt is a cutie and has a lot of talent. His show even makes me think I can paint a masterpiece on canvas. HGTV needs to fix the programming or change it's name. I miss the decorating.

    • sqs says:

      I agree with you. House Hunters and House Hunters International are fine but not ten times a day. Holmes on Homes – ditto. Antonio Treatment is at some ridiculous hour. How do they ever expect to build up a fan base. More decorating, less house hunts. Curb Appeal the block is fun. More David Bromstadt, thanks.

  3. Qraftie says:

    I agree that HGTV has forgotten who their core audience is/was. I rarely even turn it on anymore, and when i do it only ever has House Hunters or House Hunters International (ooooh! I can't stand the DIVERSITY of the programming!) I miss the shows like Awesome Interiors, Carol Duvall, Kitty Bartholemew, Small Spaces. I used to watch this channel almost all day, everyday. I think we should all revolt!

  4. TBT says:

    HGTV was my favorite station for years. However, the programming is terrible and sinking fast after viewing the station’s line-up scheduled for the upcoming season. The reality show spin with Design Star, House Hunter (including international), Property Virgin, Love it or List it and anything with buying or selling real estate are not HGTV worthy the formats are routine and contrive. Also, Sunday evenings filled with Holmes…keep him on DIY.

    HGTV, regain your focus and listen to your audience plea of better Home and Garden programming.

  5. Charleene says:

    I loved watching HGTV on Saturdays with Candice, David, Geneieve, Sarah, great , great shows. Now it's just awful. I hate all the bickering on Love it or List it. I want to see design not drama !!!What happened HGTV? You use to be so great…

  6. kwalters says:

    Are you still having trouble playing them?

  7. kwalters says:

    The photo galleries are all migrating to the new template (we love it, too).

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