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In 2003, Andrew Baseman began his interior design company, Andrew Baseman Design, Inc., in New York. Throughout his 20 plus years of design work, he has accumulated many experiences outside of interior design including designing sets for the films Eat Pray Love and The Nanny Diaries, and for the television series Spin City. Here’s a sneak peek into one of his projects, a Lincoln Square duplex in Manhattan.


Baseman says: My clients, a young couple with two small children, realized they had outgrown their apartment. They wanted to double their living space by purchasing either the floor above or below them.


Unable to reach an agreement with their neighbors, they purchased the 21st and 22nd floors, planning to create a duplex apartment. 


I was brought in to the project early on and worked closely with the architect, Norman Cox, to create a warm, comfortable environment for our clients.


Their main concern was to have a family-friendly home that looked sophisticated, yet felt cozy. I was asked to find fabrics and floor coverings that were less likely to stain and easy to clean. I designed three rugs and two runners with patterns and colors to withstand dirt.


I found two smaller dining tables for a more flexible dining room set up. One can be used for an intimate family meal and two can be pushed together for entertaining a larger number of guests. The custom-made banquette has two washable slipcovers, one in a stain-free outdoor fabric and the other in Ultrasuede.


The children’s bedrooms and playroom all have carpet squares, which are easy to replace if one gets soiled.


I used a variety of materials for the seven bathrooms, including glass, mosaic, ceramic and stone, giving each a unique look.


Norman and I worked together to design a custom bronze stair rail and entry door, inspired by Giacometti sculptures and French art deco metal work.


Andrew has collected vintage fabrics and textiles for many years and wrote a book, The Scarf, featuring examples from his vintage scarf collection. Recently, he began designing bespoke rugs for his clients, inspired by examples from his collection of antique and vintage fabrics.

To learn more about Andrew Baseman’s designs, check out his blog.

All Photos Courtesy of Joshua McHugh


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  1. zipdedoda says:

    Very calming, great decor to lower the ole blood pressure!

  2. Warm and inviting. I love the modern decor but still comfortable. Relaxing.

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