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So. This renovation is killing me. And I know, right now your eyes are rolling back into your skulls, because people have much bigger fish to fry than staring down the barrel of a long overdue move. Yet for someone that loves decorating and redecorating their home (and usually redecorating it again!), seeing it in shambles has definitely done a number on me.

Regardless. This is an optimistic post. Because a few weeks ago, we had a fantastic crew recommended by Andersen Windows install our new 100 Series windows, and they are gorgeous. We even replaced a few standard windows for sliding glass doors, and I was surprised to see how smooth the installation process proved to be.

design_for_mankind 2010-07-27 at 3.19.58 PM

Even better? The crew was kind enough to share a few tidbits for those of you who might like to install your own new windows (thanks, Rick).

They look beautiful, yes? Of course, I’d show you a closer photo of the money shot, but alas, that big tarp on the side of the home downplays the loveliness. However, I believe in optimism, so let’s bookend this post with more good news.

We’ve officially ordered Build Direct’s Fiber Cement Siding in Colonial Pewter, and I can’t wait for it to arrive early next month! Tarp no more, and our neighbors will finally stop with the dirty glares.*


We’ll be sure to keep you tuned in to the siding process, and you’ll be amazed at how lovely our new windows look tarp-less! Until then, you know where to find us!

P.S. The toughest part of window installation (surprisingly!) was measuring for the rough window opening. If you’d like to learn how to measure your windows for a replacement, feel free to check out this video with easy-to-follow instructions.

P.P.S. Don’t forget! We’re doing a Q&A on my August 4 post. Got any questions for me about remodeling? Decorating tips? Choosing windows or window treatments? Fire away!

*Kidding. We have very nice neighbors.


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  1. AllyZabba says:

    when will your guest room be ready? what was it about this particular home, with all its problems, that you fell in love with? honestly, are you going to go all white in your home? how is the sauna coming? curtains or shutters or nothing at all? what do you do with all your magazines? when i come over, should i use a coaster or put my glass of sweet tea right on the table? can't wait to find out! =)

  2. ErinSlipcoverurlife says:

    So I'm an apartment dweller that has some hand-me-down furniture. I've updated a lot of it but I'm really struggling with my bedroom dresser. I'm pretty sure it has at least 8 coats of paint on, some drawers stick, while some fall right out and there is a big stain/water mark on the top. I want to do something funky (my headboard is neon green, my walls are dark gray and I have huge union jack tapestry curtains). Thoughts on how to make this oldie but a goodie current?

  3. erin / dfm says:

    Ha, fantastic questions, ladies! I'll be answering these (and many more) next week!

  4. beth mahuron says:

    Very informative, can't wait to see the FINISHED product!! Beth

  5. erin / dfm says:

    Neither can I! ;)

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  7. cindy says:

    if it's not too late i have a last minute question. we recently renovated our bathroom and it's essentially all white, but the floor grout is more of a light ivory color. it's ok, but i'd be happier if it was more whitish. is there anything i can do, simply? thanks!

  8. pcornwell says:

    I have a question about window treatments for a sliding door. It is in my dining/kitchen area. The window sits pretty close to the corner on one side and the refridgerator on the other. The window seals have failed, so there is condensation between the glass. I rent, so replacing the glass is not an option. But this makes the window unattractive to look at when the curtains are open. The doors are used regularly to access a deck area. I have considered sheers to mask the seal failure but still let in light. I currently have grommet style curtains that I like… but it seems to need a little something more.

  9. calisgail says:

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