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Have you ever designed a room and been stumped when it came to finding the perfect accessories? We’ve got the solution.


Alluminare specializes in custom lamp shades, pillows, wallpaper and fabric. We’re giving one reader the opportunity to create two lampshades free of charge. The winner will also receive two turquoise lamp bases to go with their custom-designed shades.

For a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, August 2.

This week’s question: What accessory or piece of furniture are you looking for to complete a room in your home?

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51 Responses

  1. Christine Riggs says:

    I am looking for the perfect storage item / furniture piece that can house my greyhound's food and treats. I have a horrible looking plastic bin in the dining room right now!

  2. Kelly says:

    I'm looking for an accessory piece for my new office/den. So far, all I have is a desk, a side table, and my degree hanging on the wall. I can't figure out what else would look good with my degree. Flowers? A piece of wrought-iron decor?

  3. Just moved from a 3 story house to a 1100 sq ft apartment and am in need of a square/circular countertop height dining room table that seats 4 – dark wood finish. Right now my family and I are eating on the living room couch & floor and I've loved a more formal space to dine with each other.

  4. CinABQ says:

    We are searching for a China hutch and buffet. We put it off for so long, but now we need one after 23 yrs of marriage we have acquired some nice pieces and need a great place to store and display them … and it would make it easier to use them more if I didn't have to "dig them out" to use them. We've looked here in Abq and in Phx but nothing yet … it will come, it took us 2 yrs to find the right sofas for our family room.

  5. Michelle says:

    I'm going to be getting married in May of 2011 so I'm looking for anything and everything to decorate my fiance's and my new home.

  6. Kitty says:

    Sounds funny, but finding bathroom rugs I like is never easy. I hate the rubberized synthetic things, love all cotton. But like multi-colored for not showing spots. Often turn to oriental or living room rugs, but then they aren't as absorbent. Have had luck shopping vintage too.

  7. Cara says:

    I have been needing a headboard for my bed for a while now. Trying to decide if I want to make my own or purchase one. I could also use some beautiful lamps to inspire the overall design of the bedroom…custom designed shades from Alluminare would be a fabulous place to start!! :-)

  8. Lindsay says:

    I need something on the walls in my guest room. I got a super cute bedding set, bed, and side table, but the room is still dull until I get something up on the walls. I thought about doing a gallery wall of fun photos, but am a little intimidated of starting that project. The hunt is on.

  9. emily says:

    I have been looking for a solution other than a bed in my spare room. I like the clik clak sofa idea but I want to make sure it will still be comfortable.

  10. CoraD says:

    A textile wall hanging for the master bedroom. We found one we really liked but couldn't justify the cost. But maybe I could make one…

    We'd also love a new dining room table and chairs – enough to seat 8 with extra space for small chairs for the kiddos.

    And a new recliner for the downstairs. We're thinking Mission-style.

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