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Chairs, love seats and lounges can set a space apart and bring a style together.  

chair_redstripe This red-striped chair from Surroundings pops against the black-and-white wallpaper.

chair_bluemismatchcoco + kelley combines eclectic chairs and ornate patterns for this layered foyer.

chair_blwhiteloungeThese mismatched chairs from automatism balance one another with their colors and wood framing.

chair_tubFeel refreshed sitting in this tub sofa from Annechovie.

chair_tableblueElectric-blue chairs come to life in this neutral room from Blueprint Bliss.

chair_readThis cozy chair from apartment therapy only needs a book and blanket for perfection.

chair_pinkboxesGreat for a girl’s date, Decor Fellow displays sassy pink-and-orange seating.

chair_orangebluesetCarrie Can shows three different chairs for a put-together look.

chair_funkyA blast of color in a classic shape, we love Bloesem’s love seat.


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  1. Napa Valley Framer says:

    I see interesting furniture and room designs but no mention of wall decor an often overlooked essential element in decorating. Look closely at the photos and decide if walls are too empty, too full, too busy or appropriately proportional to room. Note the large frame in the photo with red striped chair! I don't think so.

    More to come.

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