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Headshot1In 2003, Bryan Batt and his partner opened Hazelnut on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Hazelnut offers a variety of home decor goods like fabrics, dinnerware and pottery. Batt, also known for playing Sterling Cooper’s art director, Sal Romano, on AMC’s Mad Men, joined us for a quick interview.

What’s your store’s style?

Hazelnut’s style is a fresh, eclectic mix blending the classic and modern together. I love to hear the customers’ compliments on the feel and ambiance as well as the products offered in Hazelnut. I never tire of hearing it.

What do you personally design in your store?

I designed the “New Orleans Toile” fabric, which features the historic icons and great architecture of this wonderful city.

toile“New Orleans Toile”

Also, another fabric called “Pontchartrain Beach,” which is a Palm-Beach-meets-the-Mississippi celebration of the Gulf South.  Plus, all of the products fashioned from the fabrics, like trays, ice buckets, totes, frames…

pontchartrain“Pontchartrain Beach”

I also teamed up with the artisan Shelley Venema of the Laurel Wilder Company to create reverse decoupage glass trays using historic maps of New Orleans, and antique Harper’s Weeklies.

What is your favorite piece(s) in your store?


This is a toss-up — I love the “Audubon Muse” and the “Flambeaux” glass trays, but equally great is the “Oyster pottery” by Allison Evans.

How does New Orleans play a part in Hazelnut’s existence?

New Orleans  plays a huge part in Hazelnut, but we also love to bring in other elements that blend with the New Orleans style of decor. We do a nice web business and many visitors are repeat customers, so something is working well!

How (if at all) is your style affected by Mad Men?

My suits are a little slimmer these days — but I better lay off the delicious food down here or it’s not going to be pretty.


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4 Responses

  1. Becky Rocha says:

    I found Hazelnut online just the other day and was utterly charmed by it. I now have about five things on my "want it, gimme gimme" list.

  2. @HeidiKarpa says:

    Love Hazelnut's custom fabrics. They could be a lovely fit for a wonderful southern lady I'm working with.

  3. Linda Robertson says:

    Bryan, I am married to your cousin. Your Da-dee and my husband's mother were first cousins. She
    was the only baby, girl cousin to your great-grandparents. She too was a dancer and danced at the Saenger.
    I could have sworn I was reading about her up to a point. Our son, Blake favors
    you slightly. They call him Bee. He can really climb. His brother, recentlly deceased was ou r "J" for Jake.

  4. Linda Robertson says:

    Blake is the elder.
    They are about 28 months apart.
    Talk about climbers and agility? Jake could dance and had acting ability. He loved his Ninja Costume. I made them clown costumes and have similar photos of my boys, I recently read your book, of course. My friend, Colleen Boyle's mom, Janice, lent it to me. She lent it to
    Dana Rizzo's mother also. We are all friends. I hurriedly ordered a copy for my sister-in-law, Yvonne Batt Robertson's eldest daughter in Santa Cruz and her daughter in Austin. I told them to pass it around the family.
    I really enjoyed it and it was all I could talk about for days! I laughed and cried. Thanks and good job!
    Naturally, it would be wonderdful to try to have a Batt reunion……..or some website to register a family tree.

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