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We’re down to the final four — Courtland, Emily, Casey and Michael — and Vern invites the contestants to brunch at Aarón Sanchez’s Centrico. He wants them to take the morning and relax. Everyone is exhausted and so happy to indulge after all the pressure leading up to this point. I mean, I’d need some rest after being subjected to all those wall murals, am I right?

First course is a tropical fruit salad, second is huevos rancheros, third is an elegant corn tamale and fourth is rice pudding empanadas with a mango chutney. They gulp it all down while patting each other on the back. Suddenly Vern walks in with the chef. Like I’ve said before, you never want to see Vern walk in. It’s almost always bad news.

Turns out chef Aarón Sanchez has one of the biggest hits on the Food Network, Chefs vs. City. The contestants are to choose one of the dishes they’ve just devoured as inspiration for this week’s challenge: to create a dining room space. Casey chooses the tamale, Courtland goes with the empanadas, Emily chooses huevos rancheros, which means Michael is left with the fruit salad. The twist is that they have to start with a very lived-in space and must repurpose furniture and materials to create their designs. As if deriving design inspiration from the taste of a meal isn’t hard enough.

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4 Responses

  1. Carmen says:

    I think , it was made the WRONG choice, Courtland should have made it!!!!!!!!!!, Michael should not. Was this………….. about design ideas or about been an actor? as long as you can deliver the purpose of the proyect, and looks great, what else you want? Michael spent more time complaining about the other designers than working on the proyect and got all the credit. very disappointed, do not want to see the final!
    Courtland , one thing is that you received a lot of exposure. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! great attitude, great personality and great ideas, I wish you the best !!!!!!!

  2. Annie says:

    I can not believe that you think that Michael is more talented than Courtland!!! Big mistake!!! He is so easy and relaxing to watch! And creative!! I think the judges are lost in this season! Very disappointing!!!

  3. Nancy says:

    I have to say I was very surprised and disappointed that Courtland was sent home!!! Michael hasn't won any of the" best " standout people in any of the skill tests. Courtland is very polished with his on camera room explaination. I had Courtland picked to win his own show!

  4. Lynnette says:

    I want to know why they are designing on sets instead of real rooms, it's more interesting when they have clients and most of HGTV's shows are on locations not in studios, so it's not realistic of what will be asked of them in the future.

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