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When our color committee convened to choose our inaugural hue, the debate got heated. You had opinions too, with fans of everything from purple to sea-glass blue stating their case. (HGTV fan Andrea even illustrated her favorite color, chrome yellow, with a cake.)


We chose our color based on three criteria: rising popularity, seasonality and availability. We want a hue that’s just popping on your radars, not one that crested last spring or even last month. It should also represent August, the month spanning summer and fall. Finally, stores must carry a variety of home decor items in the color. (How awful is it to love a specific shade and not be able to find it at CB2 or Ballard Designs?)

After arguments for nearly 20 colors, our team narrowed them down to four: teal blue, charcoal gray, chartreuse and plum. The winner? Drum roll please….


As our site director, Jillian, said, “It’s a bridge color between the bright citrus colors we’ve seen this summer and some of Pantone’s fashion forecasts for fall, particularly Endive and Golden Glow. We’re not quite ready to let go of bright, hot summer but everyone knows that fall is around the corner. Days are getting shorter. Kids are getting ready for school. We’re looking ahead.”

One thing we love is how well it plays with a variety of styles. Try it with orange, pink and vivid blue for Moroccan flair; tie it to sky blue or pale green for French-inspired appeal; or pair it with sea-glass shades, from sky-blue to turquoise, for a fresh coastal feel.

design-happens-chartreuse-style-boardClick for the style board

It can go from young to sophisticated with a spin of the color wheel. We love its glowing, acid nature paired with aqua, chocolate and all tones of pink. Standard Social reminds us, though, not to go overboard. With chartreuse, less is always more!

design-happens-cb2-grellow-dining-chairsThis CB2 dining room captures my personal style perfectly, seamlessly blending rustic with modern.

design-happens-balis-teenager-bedroomDesigner Judith Balis goes for a Bohemian look in a girl’s bedroom.

design-happens-little-loveables-chartreuse-mustardLittle Loveables shows how chartreuse works with mustard and orange.

design-happens-traditional-home-chartreuse-purpleThe sublime pairing of chartreuse and purple in Traditional Home

design-happens-traditional-home-platesAlso from Traditional Home, a gallery-style collection of charming plates.

design-happens-house-beautiful-coastal-bedroomCoastal chic from House Beautiful (image 13)

Agree? Disagree? Tell us how we did. You’ll get another chance to argue your color choice when we begin the process again for September.


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17 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    OK, I'll concede to chartreuse! There are a lot of popular colors to pair it with, too, as you mentioned, and it's a totally happy color. I think your top four colors are fabulous colors – I love them all.

  2. Christine says:

    I love these colors!

  3. Suzie-Q says:

    Love, Love, Love this color! It's the perfect accent color which adds a modern punch and replaces the traditional gold accent. It's versatile for young and old.

  4. katiethomas02 says:

    I always wait for a color of the month.With color of the month I can find some new information about a new color.Well I like all colors and all look beautiful.That mustard and yellow colors look gorgeous.

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  5. kimwylie0523 says:

    <3 LOVE! <3 One of my favorite colors anyway (my handy-dandy use-it-daily clipboard rocks that shade). So bright and friendly…perfect for August.

  6. Kendra says:

    Love it! Love to see it pop against neutral backgrounds – rock on!!!

  7. mona kinnevy says:

    wow…..Antonio's show is the worst on hgtv…..in years….I watch all day…..everyday..for atleat…9yearsd..and thought i would give it a shot…after 10 min….disliked it…..3 min before the end….totally hated it and his ….better than the rest of the guys……is his arm long enough to pat himself on his back for one truly lousy design…..

  8. Jackie says:

    I'm a "winter" color and would look sick in your new color for fall.

  9. Sweetbriar7 says:

    Chartreuse is certainly a bold choice! Gold and green in sickly union. Sorry, but very few people have ever liked it, no matter what it's paired with, so if you choose it you'll probably be the only person you know that has it. The rooms you show for examples are very well chosen, however. If you love it, it takes a sure hand to combine it with other colours properly. Well, go for it now before the retro bloom fades. As for the Antonio show comments, I watched it last night and liked his design. Too much acting and talking to forestall showing the final design, but I loved the final product.

  10. Rugby Jerseys says:

    I never thought yellow green can have a very relaxing effect. I'll probably check on the other items in our home depot so I can play with my motif next month. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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