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This week’s Style Jolt is inspired by my thrift store find from the weekend: vintage bottles. I bought a tall, clear-glass bottle and a stout, brown medicine bottle, added colorful stones and tall-stemmed flowers and turned them into vintage vases.


From Rock My Wedding

blue painted bottles

dirty bottles

Images from A Classic Pearl


From Brook & Lyn

 white table

From a beach cottage


From Little Lovables


Designed by Luis Caicedo


From Design*Sponge

bottles in box

From La Dolfina



Images from Intimate Weddings


From Design Happens


From Country Living


From Country Living


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8 Responses

  1. mishi says:

    This is such a great idea for center pieces!

    I did something similar for our housewarming party. I used old beer bottles, wrapped them is tissue paper and ribbon and put some orchids in them. They were simple and stunning! Especially in the night when we turned the lights out for the DJ…I put some fishing glowsticks in the bottles;) It was shining through the tissue paper and went well with the disco lights..fabulous!

  2. David says:

    I think this is amazing!

  3. Kyn B. says:

    I love all your bottle ideas. I recently did the same, I got bottles from whereever so that I can paint them and possibly turn some into lamps.

  4. AnneEliseSouth says:

    I love antique bottles! I arranged them decending by size on my kitchen windowsill, and filled then with colored water to form a rainbow. Brightens up my kitchen, and the colors are fantastic when the sun shines through them.

  5. Vicki Stanley says:

    Orchids are also good for that bottle and it will sure make the atmosphere so warm and blessed. But did you know that Oncidium orchids are among the most popular orchids in the world because there is a wide variety of orchids to choose from and these plants are universally easy to tend to at home. Read and learn more at Top Orchid Care Secrets

  6. I'm looking for vintage style clear bottles to serve pink lemonade in in my daughter's birthday party. Anyone have any idea where I could get 25-30 bottles? They don't have to be vintage, just that style.

  7. Nicole says:

    I have about 400-500 of these bottles for sale! I have everything from old milk bottles, perfume bottles, vegetable bottles, medicine bottles, whiskey bottles, and even old soda bottles! If you are interested, I can send pictures and we can negotiate a price.

    • innd07 says:

      Hi Nicole, I'm interested? I'm looking for several bottles for centerpieces – vintage style, clear, and varying shapes and sizes. How can I see what you have available?

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