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Andreas Charalambous studied architecture at Cornell University before co-founding FORMA Design in 1994. Located in Washington, DC, FORMA takes on architectural and interior design projects, from commercial to residential. Here, Andreas describes an apartment his company designed.


FORMA was commissioned to redesign the corner penthouse apartment at The Metropole Condominium in Washington, DC. Our task was to improve the functionality throughout, design the cabinetry for the living areas and open up the space to the abundant light of the two-story atrium. The penthouse is the backdrop for the clients’ extensive art and furniture collections.

andreas_livingroom1Textured stone walls spotlight the artwork and custom oak cabinetry. 

andreas_livingroomothrside12A straight-on view of the cabinets.

andreas_livingroom2The floor plan is open — the kitchen and dining room share views.

andreas_kitchen5The wood cabinetry in the kitchen was extended in both directions to incorporate a room-temperature wine rack on the left side and a wine-cooler and hidden pantry on the right.

andreas_livingroom4The furniture in the dining room and sitting areas allows for different seating configurations.

andreas_bedroom6The bedroom area was opened up to the atrium, sharing the light and allowing for views in all directions. 

andreas_master10Blackout shades are electronically operated to darken the bedroom for sleeping.

andreas_study7The stone backdrop unites the finishes with the stone accents used throughout the apartment. 

andreas_study11Here’s a close-up of the study. The glass pendant sculpture was commissioned by the clients for this location and playfully reflects the light.

andreas_livingroomrails9The open railings at the bedroom and the study areas allow for uninterrupted views to every part of the apartment and the skyline beyond.

If you’d like to see more of FORMA’s work, check out their YouTube channel and Facebook page.


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  1. chaliceme says:

    My goal is to be a curator of Ancient Civilizations @ the Smithsonian. I will begin residence portion of my PhD program which allows me to work at the NHMLA. That beginning said, I am a big believer in dream boards and I am so excited that the time has come for me to dream about my perfect first place in DC. These pictures are perfect. Thanks for the post.

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