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Congratulations, Emily Henderson, on winning HGTV Design Star!


Read the finale recap.

See what David Bromstad thinks about the challenge — and the winner.

Dooce weighs in on the designs and the judges’ decision.

Check out these exclusive pics of Emily’s boho-chic designs.

design-happens-emily-henderson-eclectic-living-roomI love how she freshens up traditional blue-and-white with crisp pink and green.

Watch the premiere of Emily’s show, Secrets From a Stylist, Sunday, August 29, at 10pm/9c.


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  1. BJG says:

    How could Emily do the design on 9/17/11 on TV at 8pm…The Bright Turq. walls and the red/orange couch was " AHTROSHIST>…god awful….I MISSED THE OPENING…SO I HOPE THE OWNER CHOSE THE COLORS, NOT HER..however…SHE COULD HAVE SAID NO!!!!!#$%^&^* ps…I AM a decorator!! BJ

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