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I have a lot of childhood memories of balloons. Every Valentine’s Day, my dad would send a balloon bouquet to the school’s office for me; when my great-grandma died, my family tied “we miss you” notes to the end of balloons and let them float away; I had a balloon party when I was 8 — it was the best kind of madness. Decorating with balloons brings back childhood fun and imagination.

balloonsJordan Ferney

Pickle gives you the step-by-step to creating your own balloon globe lampshade.

Decor8 shows paper balloons and hot air balloons that could be used to decorate a kid’s bedroom.

This balloon chair shown on décorpad could look regal or downright villainous. 

Etsy has hot air balloon decals for wall art here and here.

Apartment therapy shows a quirky balloon lamp.

Look at oh, hello friend’s balloon photo roundup.

Jordan Ferney shows the cutest balloons I’ve ever seen.


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