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Happy Friday! This week, you could win a custom piece of kid’s art from MadeByGirl. With over a dozen different designs for girls and boys, MadeByGirl’s prints highlight a child’s name in a colorful way.


Primary Colors (pictured) is one example of a print you could win, but there are also Jackson Blues and Jellybeans.

You can choose any color combination for the special kid in your life. For those of us without near-and-dear children, a pet, last name, or your own name could be featured. This is customized art, after all, so style it for your life!

For a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, August 30.

This week’s question: Whose name would you feature in your art and why?

431 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    My sister is about to have a baby, so I would make it my new nephew's name!

  2. Laura says:

    I wish I already had a child, because I already have this bookmarked for when baby time comes! In the meantime, I think I'd probably pick "June" as a gift for my new niece!

  3. Maury says:

    I would love it for my nephew AIDEN…he is the most amazing baby ever and he is about to be 1 in October! I love Jen's work….please give it to me….lol.

  4. Anna says:

    I could think of a million cute phrases and words to use, but in the end, I would feature my beautiful daughter's name, AKIRA. I am originally from South Carolina, now living in Bali Indonesia and Jen's print would be so colorful and beautiful in her room. Akira is not a name you see everyday so a custom print would be perfect. I've been a follower of Jen's blog and work for a while now. She is so creative and it really shows in her work. I love the soft, girly-ness of the jellybeans option but I really love the boldness of the primary colors…Akira's name would just really stand out beautifully in that! I would love a chance to win this for my daughter. Thank you!

  5. chiquita says:

    for my daughter, Olivia!

  6. Elizabeth Ulrich says:

    Love this print! I would use my boyfriend's last name, Fanguy, because this is certainly chic enough for an adult room–and eventually, it's looking like we'll share that last name anyway. :)

  7. sarahyacko says:

    This is so cute! No baby yet, but our 6-month old labrador – Maizy – is close enough for now!

  8. mtb says:

    Cortland, my neighbor's baby. I'm going to brag here, i gave him cpr! It was the most amazing thing i have ever done in my life.He's really a strong little guy.

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