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The Fabric of My Life is an award-winning design and lifestyle blog by Kate, an interior designer from London.


Kate started her blog to help her grow as a stylist, hoping to further develop her own personal style and taste.  Kate’s rise to design blog fame was quite a shock. She says, “Never in my wildest dreams did I expect my blog to gather its own little following…Each and every comment I receive makes my heart soar and to see so many (now familiar) faces returning to my blog again and again makes me swell with pride and gratitude.” The Fabric of My Life was even included in the The Times’ list of the top 50 design blogs.


The Fabric of My Life centers on Kate’s ability to let pictures do the talking. Although she doesn’t shy away from captions and descriptive text, her well-chosen images, ranging from inspiring photography finds to her personal trunk show conquests, show you exactly who she is as a designer – comfortable, cozy, worn-in and at times, quite domestic. When I think of Kate, I think of sitting in a sunny, open meadow drinking chamomile tea out of a cup scored at the estate sale of a seriously cool old matriarch.

design-happens_fabric-of-my-life-frames560x436Check out Kate’s You Inspire Me feature where her favorite photographers and fashion plates get spotlighted for our googley-eyed enjoyment. I especially loved this dossier of Swedish photographer, Pia Ulin.


If you’re looking to get lost inside a lush wonderland for a few hours – or minutes — check out The Fabric of My Life. Grab yourself that cup of chamomile and step inside Kate’s dreamy landscape.



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  1. Rinatkaallka says:

    HELP!Нужен совет – я в капкане! сгораю от любовной лихорадки… Вот решила позвать домработницу на помощь. Муж не может помочь абсолютно, кроме всего прочего уже не будет этого делать. А я просто устаба. Есть такие у кто обзавелся платными помощницами? Сколько вы за это платите и где вы их нашли? и еще, как Ваш муж отреагировал на то, что в дом будет приплестись посторонняя тетя

  2. OMG this is TOTALLY fake!!! Nobody in their right mind would voluntarily move to Detroit!!!

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