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We love Emmo Home‘s modern take on housewares, not to mention their site, with categories like Be a Foodie, Love Your Kids and Visit Slumberland. This week, you’ll have a chance to win their knife stand — sleek and modern, but functional with a dishwasher-safe sleeve (and you know how nice that is if you’ve been wiping down a wooden block for years). knife

One reader will receive the slanted knife stand by answering this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, September 13th.

This week’s question: What kitchen utensil needs a style makeover?

Click for official rules.



433 Responses

  1. Diane Mullen says:

    I think the toaster needs a serious style make over. It's blocky and takes up too much space on the counter and is ugly. Definitely needs more style!

  2. Jackie Smith says:

    Egg beaters are a waste, like to see something more efficient and also an oil sprayer that doesn't clog!! Jackie Smith

  3. Brenda Faulkner says:

    My vote would be for the pasta server – I can never get the pasta all the way from the bowl to the plate without the pasta slipping over the side.

  4. kathy bussberg says:

    SPATULAS!!! Can someone please make one that doesn't break when you use it ?

  5. Darleen says:

    Potato peeler, need to find an easier way to peel potates

  6. Connie says:

    Butter knives, they are so plain and boring, something more appealing or inviting would be nice. You can put them on your serving area with pride if they look any good, other than just flat metal with serrated teeth that don't mean a thing.

  7. navywife1984 says:

    I was thinking the waffle iron, they are so difficult to clean.

  8. Sharon Gibson says:

    Broiler pan, why don't they make a non-stick version? It's a pain to clean one after you broil steaks, even when you use non-stick spray.

  9. Linda says:

    Juicer. I would love to use it daily but the one I have is a pain to clean and is really large so instead of being in my kitchen it is collecting dust in my garage.

  10. lydwych says:

    I'm with Pam. Sifters! Mine has never worked right and is all rusty.

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