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Everybody say hi to our newest blogger, Brian Patrick Flynn from one of our favorite sites, Decor Demon (which he produces, writes and designs all the original content for).

We hope you’ll tune in this week for his fresh take on helping men and women find balance in gender-blended spaces. Then come back every week for Brian’s bloggings about the intersection of lifestyle and design. (Fair warning: His posts are addictive.)


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20 Responses

  1. gladyshedaya says:

    WOOHOO! Not only is brian hot…. his blog is awesome! Looking forward to reading his posts!

  2. Susan Brinson says:

    THANK YOU HGTV! You know how to bring the cool people on board who truly care about great design.

  3. Ilya says:

    I LOVE Decor Demon! This makes me so happy. Thanks HGTV!

  4. moggitgirls says:

    Brian is a VERY cool addition! VERYCOOL!

  5. @NineDaves says:

    this is basically the best news i've read all week. so excited to hear more from decor demon. it doesn't hurt that he's damn sexy either. great job

  6. @ArtThatFits says:

    We're in love with anything & everything BPF! Can't wait to see all that he has to share on Design Happens :-) Congrats Brian, you so deserve this!!!

  7. Lynn Fey-Duncan says:

    Brian is a great addition! Can't wait.

  8. WOW,cool,Brian is a great addition!

  9. There is no more.

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