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What place do relics of fun from childhood have in grown-up approaches to decorating? Because my inner child is screaming for this kiddie ride from 1stdibs. (I shall call him Ted.)

While a single jaunt on Ted costs 25 cents, this denim-donning, fiberglass buffalo is selling for $6,500. (Ellen Page walked past him in the movie Juno. Apparently some of her star power rubbed off on Ted.)

I recently partied at a friend’s loft in what used to be a telephone factory. What made the evening a blast was his collection of vintage toys and games: Operation, Pong, Pogo sticks and board games. Some were incorporated as decor, like an adult version of this child’s room featured on Ohdeedoh.

Others were fully operational and ready for play, which we did until the wee hours of the morning. (I refuse to disclose who broke the Jump Shoes.)

My inner child is also calling out for this 1943 Ballyhoo mechanical pinball machine. I long to turn it into a glass-topped coffee table.

Pacific Pinball Museum collection

What does your inner child yearn for?

And how does it find a place in the adult spaces of your home? Especially if it costs $6,500.

2 Responses

  1. bekah says:

    interestingly, I just put up a picture on my blog of how I use my old record collection in the kitchen! Im no designer, but it makes me happy to see them there! I have been collecting them since I was 12 and infatuated with the sound of a vinyl record as opposed to the CDs I had.

  2. @talislin says:

    If you're a fan for nostalgia like I am, here are a few that I found.

    Baseball The Great American Game, Frantz Toys Antique http://vandm.com/Baseball-The-Great-American-Game

    Kay Bojesen Teak Monkey Denmark from 1951 http://vandm.com/KAY-BOJESEN-TEAK-MONKEY-DENMARK-

    Wooden Carousel Horse from the 1800s http://vandm.com/Wooden-Carousel-Horse/3_239_37=9

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