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I confess. I’m in love.


If I could have any job in the world, it would be to read Eat Drink Chic for eight hours a day. I’d even pay to put in overtime. Eat Drink Chic is the brainchild of Amy Moss, Australian graphic designer turned style blogger. Amy ditched the graphic design business and now earns a living styling shop windows for Borders, conceptualizing events and parties (check out this ice cream sundae parlor) and managing her blog. Amy even designs flirty and feminine paper goods and DIY projects readers can download for free.  Her designs are great for weddings, birthday parties or a plain old Tuesday.


I first fell in love with Amy’s work when I ventured across this highly-stylized version of McDonald’s food made especially for fashion week. I never knew who was responsible for these hilarious haute burgers and fries, until I discovered Eat Drink Chic.


Amy has great vintage style that mixes effortlessly with modern design. Her posts are cute without being “cutesy” – like this fruity ring box she found on a wedding website. Speaking of weddings, Eat Drink Chic is your go-to guide for planning vintage-inspired nuptials. Amy is regularly featured on the DIY wedding site, Once Wed, and the coverage of her own surprise wedding ceremony is not to be missed.


Eat Drink Chic is one of my absolute favorite blog finds, because it fuses interior design with crafts, food and fashion. It serves as both a lifestyle blog and Amy Moss’s personal design portfolio. But rather than coaxing you to pay for her services, Amy gives her projects away. I saved this sweet “hanky” design to use at my own upcoming wedding. Whether you’re a DIY diva or a paper goods princess, Eat Drink Chic has something for you. Once you’ve added all of Amy’s projects to your crafty to-do list, share some photos with us! We’d love to see them.


Admit it, you have a crush already.

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  1. pixelecho69 says:

    what no comments I don't believe it, this is something so pretty because of all the crafts she uses and mixes food and natural elements like flowers I like her style, glad she switch jobs !

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