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Our Color-of-the-Month conversation heated up again when our decorating editors, shopping experts and color gurus met to pick September’s hue. We studied the design and fashion sites, coming up with a variety of options, from Pantone’s Rose Dust to a runway favorite, olive green. You also weighed in with fresh fall colors like camel, wine and cobalt.

To be picked for HGTV’s Color of the Month, a shade must meet three criteria: (a) it has to be seasonal (b) up-and-coming (c) and available in stores. One color we loved, peacock, met the first two but whiffed on the third. (Though I’m hoping it’ll make a strong showing in October.)

By the end of a two-hour debate, we reached consensus: persimmon.

Tea & Cookies

Ripe persimmons range from orange-yellow to red-orange, and we chose the red-orange end of the spectrum. This is my favorite season, when the hot days of Indian summer give way to cooler weather. I love the first glimpse of orange, red and gold in the leaves and for me, persimmon captures that excitement.

1. Switchback Rug, CB2; 2. Angelica Storage Cube, Horchow; 3. Tripod G5 Floor Lamp, Horne; 4. Mid-Century Tufted Lounge Chairs, 1stdibs

This bright color pairs well with fall’s newest neutral, gray. It stands strong against black and pops crisply against white.

House of Turquoise

For lovers of a strong palette, try it with turquoise; the complementary scheme will brighten your mood all season long.

Tell us how we did picking September’s hue in the comments section. And if you have a favorite example of the color, we’d love to see it.


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13 Responses

  1. I<3HGTV says:

    I'm not usually an orange person but this shade is perfect! I can't wait to incorporate it into my living room. So excited for next month!!!

  2. Francie says:

    For persimmon colored shelf paper, try Sunset Vines at ChicShelfPaper.com! You can cover an open bookcase for a pop of color.

  3. gina says:

    Orange for the win! Love it so much, especially as a key element instead of being relegated to the "pop of color" as it so often is. Those mid-century lounge chairs are sweet. :D

  4. Superfine Bakery says:

    Yay Persimmon!! It's such a happy warm color — perfect for Fall!!

  5. CARLA FISHER says:


  6. TeaRecks says:

    Love, love, love orange and this Persimmon looks fresh, warm and bright.

  7. Nadia says:

    I used to be an avid viewer of HGTV, recently I have found this very innovate channel to be very dull. Everytime I tune in House Hunters something is always on. This is obviousley a filler, but I'm tired of it an choosing to not longer tune. All the good show are gone it seems – so sad about this because HGTV was my favorite channel. I really wish you guys could bring back some of the old show. Thanks –

  8. Lisa says:

    Nadia, I agree. I also have moved on to other networks (TLC, Bravo, DIY) as it seems HH is always on.

    • Linda Miller says:

      I am so sorry not to see Candice Olson on HGTV she is the greatest and the most wonderful decorator. I am also tired of House Hunters, First Time Home Buyers, I want to see decorating ideas I thought that was what HGTV is all about things to do and decorating Ideas. Please bring Candice Olson more in this show, I normally watch HGTV every night but has slacked off because of all the shows that are on now, I can't help but think ratings are going to drop. thanks

  9. Jamie says:

    I got married in September 2010 & my bridesmaids dresses were persimmon….I knew that was a good choice in February when I picked it out…I also agree there is waaaaaaaaay too much House Hunters, bring back the decorating shows, esp. design on a dime, that's how i shop with everything

  10. Doris says:

    I agree with Jenny. Not enough decorating shows. I don't care which one of the three house they will choose to buy. I am interested in decorating. Where did "It's so sew simple go". I just turn the channel when they go looking for a house. And the outdoor shows. Where did just plain comfortable go? Sometimes you just need a screeened in porch where you can relax and read and listen to the birds sing. Some of us are seniors.

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