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Darren Henault has more than 20 years of interior design experience, which shines through his namesake firm’s work. Darren Henault Interiors works with residential clients and provides them an eclectic, cosmopolitan style. His goal is to be timeless, not trendy. With mentions in Elle Decor, House & Garden, Vanity Fair and the Wall Street Journal, Darren’s country home in Millbook, New York, is sure to exceed expectations.


Darren says, “Since the property was originally a Christmas tree farm, we moved more than 3,000 evergreens to make the 50 acres look like this. We gave them to anyone who wanted them. We donated 100 trees to the town of Millbrook to use for Christmas decorations, and we also used them to hedge different areas of the property, like the pool and gardens.”

Darren_livingroomWe tried to match the feeling of the original, 200-year-old farmhouse as much as possible with wide plank pine floors. With all of the landscaping we’d done, I wanted to be able to see the gardens from this room in the winter. I think the 18th-century gilt brackets from Amy Perlin at the corners of the window valence were an interesting touch.

Darren_livingSince the house had to be finished in a few months, most of these accessories were purchased in a mad-dash shopping spree through the South of France and Paris. The walls are a beautiful linen from Zoffany to give the room texture and a feeling of quiet. The photograph is from the Yancey Richardson Gallery.

Darren_livingroom2The mirrors are Napoleon III. When we told the woman at the Clignancourt in Paris that we would “Take them all,” she thought we were kidding. Hanging them above the fireplace was a last-minute impulse that worked out well.

Darren_bathWhat was originally the pantry for the 1800s kitchen became the powder room. I matched the pine flooring with a pine ceiling, installing three-inch strips with mitered corners to create some geometry on the ceiling. On the lower portion of the walls, we applied wood to look like wainscoting and painted it high gloss with sheets of antique mirror above. The copper-topped vanity and sink complete the country feel.

Darren_bedThe guest bedroom houses a pre-loved bed and side tables from the store, Lief.

Darren_kitchenThis room is pretty straight forward. I did what I could with lighting so that it didn’t scream 20th century.

Darren_diningThis is one of my favorite rooms in the house. The walls are hand-stenciled, but rather than using a color for the stenciling, we used a clear gloss. I designed the silver chandelier and had it made by a local metal crafter. It’s based on a Tiffany sconce.

Darren_library1This is the original “Keeping Room” of the home, and it includes the original brick cooking fireplace on the left side of the room (sorry you can’t see it). We added all of the bookshelves, which have the benefit of covering the original front door of the house.

Darren_shedbathThis room was once a dirt floor shed that was attached to the house. With radiant heat flooring and good insulation, it makes a perfect bathroom off of the library.

Darren_pearroomOpposite the bed is a bank of three windows that  looks out over the formal “lawnroom,” gardens and pasture. I put fabric on every possible surface, including the walls, to make the room feel as comfortable as possible.

Darren_libraryThis is the seating area of the master bedroom. For six months of the year, we enjoy flowers in every room of the house, thanks to the cutting garden that Tony Bielaczyc of Martha Stewart Living put in for us.

Darren_porchThe new porch has a mahogany floor and a blue bead-board ceiling. I once heard that a pale blue ceiling keeps away the bugs. I’m not sure if it’s that or the ceiling fan, but one or both does the trick.


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