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Everybody say hi to Anzfer Farms out of San Francisco. We love their line of butch-craft-style reclaimed wood furnishings, both for their rustic, masculine lines and the eco-friendly principles behind them. You could win the gorgeous Spalted Fragment Light and Vase, made by owners/artisans Jonathan Anzalone and Joseph Ferriso.

The bases of both lamp and vase are made from fragments gathered on the Northern California shoreline. To win the set, just answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, Oct. 4. Be sure to include a valid email address so we can contact you.

This week’s question: What kind of treasures have you created from another person’s trash?

Click for official rules.

109 Responses

  1. Karla r says:

    carved a chair out of a tree that had fallen after a storm..using it in our den which is very rustic

  2. Audrey says:

    We made a bathroom vanity from an old chest of drawers we found at a flea market.

  3. Til says:

    found 2 old wood planters, spray painted them to look like stone. I lined them with sheeting and use them outside as planters.

  4. Drew says:

    I cut down a large 2 panel door in half and made a coffee table and an end table out the door. A little bit of trim and 8 legs later. Voila!

  5. Barbara Joslin says:

    I found an old, hollow log. I cut it back a bit, put it on its side with some dirt in it, planted flowers and viola a gorgeous addition to my flower bed.

  6. karen says:

    I picked an old dresser from a garbage pile and refinished and had husband paint each drawer a different animal print..looked amazing!!

  7. Elise says:

    I made a message center out of a spring foundation from a very old baby crib I got for free by framing it with a large picture frame I bought at a junk store for a dollar.

  8. Brenda Armitage says:

    I live in a large military area (VB, Va.). When we bought our house, the sellers (whose husband just retired from the military and was moving to FL) left the husband's old metal locker for us to use in the garage. Well, I needed storage in the kitchen, so I added embellishments to the front and glazed it with a faux wood treatment, added several shelves in the interior. I looks really good in the kitchen AND now I have a pantry! Yay!

  9. melanie says:

    Made a desk out of a very large old wooden door. It has all the space needed to be completely organized.

  10. Lula says:

    I reclaimed cedar planks from a dumpster and made a mail box post with an arm dangle which held a cedar covered mail box and a "flower" pot made using sliced pinecones for the flowers and glued onto wires which were then set into a bowl with concrete. ( The "flowers" naturally opened and closed ). Underneath the arm, I bolted another piece of cedar burned with our name and address . It was totally unique and looked great until some dummy missed the curve and knocked it down. The trashman came before I could move the debris and hauled it all away. I was dismayed because the wood certainly could have been repurposed again.

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