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Have you seen what our friends at the new Curbed National are doing? To celebrate their debut they’ve sent some of the top names in shelter magazines a dollhouse to decorate.

The first thing we thought was, “So clever!” The next thing was, “We want to play too!” So we’re going to give them a garden. What will we do? Desert xeriscaping? Water features? A miniature Jamie Durie? Stay tuned to find out.


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  1. Ann says:

    Historically, I have been a HGTV groupie. Before the recession, HGTV had fabulous shows where you watched other people redesign their existing home like Design for the Sexes. They designed indoor living spaces as well as landscaping. Now, all we have is Get it Sold, House Hunters, First Sale and House Hunters International which is depressing. I find myself turning away from the channel now due to the repetitive nature of their programing. existing room in their home usually near Jersey. We have yet to see the cast of Jersey Shore but one never knows. Snooki is probably available but too pricey – her Red Carpet price for an appearance is now 20,000 dollars. I'm sure you could get a fantastic bedroom makeover for that much money. Maybe, 'The Situation" and his partner Katrina from Dancing with the Stars will cha cha by in the streets if we get lucky.

    Anyway, I hope a TV executive will read my article and bring back another kitchen redesign show or backyard makeover show because I am having withdrawals. I am "Over My Head" disappointed with recent show shifts and I'm not a "Property Virgin."

  2. Ann says:

    The Jersey show referenced above is Dear Genevieve which is great . I had to delete some of my comments due to space limitations.

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