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Make your house smell like home with a gift set of Cucumber-Apple candles, bath salts and room sprays from Lakeshore Candle Company.

We’re giving away five sets, so answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Oct. 10, to be added to the drawing.

This week’s question: What scent reminds you of home? Warm, apple pie and fresh laundry — those are mine.

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849 Responses

  1. Kathleen says:

    Yes ,yes wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MSalerno says:

    The smell of the ocean brings me home. I love the smell of the ocean, it reminds me of summer with my Grandma :-)

  3. flabookworm says:

    It is so interesting that almost all of the scents involve food! Mine are no exception – brownies, pumpkin pie and vanilla (although not at the same time!) all trigger a feeling of home for me. The scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree evokes the holidays. Of course, here in Florida a fresh cut tree is not practical, but I always find some scented candles to use.

  4. rola says:

    roasted date with cinnamon, It will give you the feeling of Arabian nights.<3

  5. sue says:

    hazelnut is one of my favs, but, also I use warm apple pie, cinnamon stix, and depending on the season, for Spring- I like lilac, for Summer it is hydrangea, and for fal well as I mentioned above, for winter it is holly berry or balsam.

  6. Edith Martinez says:


  7. Khaalid says:

    Sweet smells of bake goods like warm ginger Cookies, sugar cookies, and chocolate chips!

  8. burning leaves,wood burning in the fireplace,sheets air dried in a soft breeze outdoors,coffee beans just ground,scent from a lavender plant,

  9. Laura says:

    lemon fresh! My mom used lemon when cleaning and everything was so neat, tidy and fresh.

  10. chris says:

    love the autum fall leaves, winter evergreen tree

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