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Color is deeply personal. We all have our favorites (mine is fuchsia) and those we despise (green just isn’t my hue).

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

For some it’s all about beige, and then there are those of us who go wild and paint a whole room blue.

(Yes I am referring to that episode of HGTV Design Star).

Whatever you feel about color, I think we can all agree that its presence or absence determines a lot about an interior. The right color can make a room feel bigger or smaller; sterile or cozy; inviting, comforting or absolutely dreadful. And while bold color on every wall may not be for everyone, there are some simple ways to bring color home and transform your space.

Greg Natale via Desire to Inspire

One of the best ways to bring color into a space on a small scale is through accents. Textiles are my favorite way to experiment with a color palette. A bolster or pillow that incorporates two or three favorite shades is the perfect way to test a palette without feeling over-committed. Some of the most beautiful spaces are those that embrace color in small bits by relying on accessories.

Photo Credit: Dwell

Feature walls can also make a colorful statement. Highlight an architectural detail in your space with paint and bring attention to a favorite feature.

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

Don’t forget about furniture. A yellow sofa is not going overboard, especially in a neutral space that can temper the bright hue.

So, don’t be afraid. Experiment. Try layering some of your favorite shades, through accessories, paint or even furniture. They’re sure to add that special pop to your space.


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11 Responses

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  2. Tonia says:

    I totally agree that color is personal, and textiles is a great to get started with color.

  3. Rico Glover says:

    The photo did make me stop and read it. Love the website and blog
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  4. [...] kicks off her weekly column today with insights for layering color, a simple technique for experimenting with palettes until you find one that fits. Come back every [...]

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  6. Arlice Nichole says:

    Fuchsia is my fav as well! But, I'm lovin' that orange behind the bookcase.

  7. Marge D says:

    What color would you paint door frames and doors? I have five very dark wood in the hallway and can't afford new doors. I primed the doors and want to paint them Vanilla Milkshake the same as the walls and paint just the frames& baseboard Montpeller Velvet Red. Five red doors seems too much in such a small space. What is the rule of thumb?

    • @AphroChic says:

      Marge, what an interesting idea! Painting the frames and baseboards is a great way to add color and bring attention to detail. I would start with one door and see how it looks. It may be just the right amount of color for the room. I agree that five may be too much. But if you have two doors that lead to living or dining room area that you want to try this on, I think that would look terrific!

  8. DecorGirl1 says:

    Great post! Life is in color our interiors should be as well.

  9. grandmagoddess says:

    These colors are fabulous!

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