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George begged me to let him introduce this post. Clearly, I'm a sucker for the four-legged variety.

I’m one of those people with vision, but not sight. I can tell you exactly what I want for my home, but how to get there? I’m sort of at a loss. Fortunately, Husband is full of ideas. There isn’t a day that Husband wakes up in the morning without a completely random, yet totally actionable idea. The man is half crazy. And I love him.

Throughout this process, he assured me my vision would become a reality, and that as soon as the drywall was finished? Then I would see. And you guys? Boy, was he right. I can’t believe the changes. Take a look, won’t you?


See that empty wall on the left side? We'll be displaying our collection of vintage glass doorknobs and curious hooks there. Equal parts art installation and function -- Husband would be so proud!


This room is located right off the kitchen, so think of it as a formal sitting area. Only informal. And not ugly.


You can see the hundreds of floaty dresses hanging in that closet, can't you? Good. It's not just me.


That, my friends, is a working shower. Progress!


We're actually keeping that, umm, pole. We're going for a bit of industrial fun in the kitchen to match our gooseneck lighting, so we'll be building countertops around the giant metal pole. And yes, we are crazy. You're so right.

Our house is going to be a home. And I am so, so excited.

P.S. Drywall was one of the few jobs that we did hire out. Mainly because we like to leave the super dirty jobs to the professionals, and it was a really affordable step to sub-contract.


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  2. Stephanie Ryan says:

    That is so exciting! I am so happy for you. Enjoy every minute of it.

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