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  1. cadiaz says:

    Can someone give me an idea on how much taxes will pay the winner of Urban Oasis in New York.

    I will appreciate your help. Need to know because I have the same opportunity as everyone else and the information in important .

    Thank You


  2. whatchamean says:

    I'm responding to the Income Property show on t.v. That Scott guy is not an expert in my opinion and we are in the trade. If you're an expert, before you throw a dollar amt. out there you would have checked to see if the carpet in the basement is glued down, that a furnace return isn't even attached, that local codes are known, and you're not surprised you've gone over budget. These are some of the daily gaffs he makes. In real life , I'd hate to have put my faith in his assessment. He may be cute but get someone who knows reality.

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