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ShopModi wants to add some spunk to your furniture and tableware with doilies. Wait! Don’t leave. These aren’t Granny’s lace doilies, draped over chair arms, destined to collect dust and cat hair.

Instead, these are eco-friendly mats with modern flair. Dress up a table, set one under a vase or brighten your sideboard at parties. Add your name to the drawing by answering this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Oct. 18.

This week’s question: What’s your favorite “this ain’t your granny’s” product makeover?

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82 Responses

  1. Jennifer Demarais says:

    I think these doilies have to be my favorite "not your gannie's" make over. I love them! I like having something on the table under the vase etc but I am NOT a lace kinda gal. these are so cool and modern. I love the flower on the retro table, that is SO me!

  2. martha says:

    Quilts and crochet afghans. The new patterns are modern and add color and charm to our bedrooms.

    • Chris Gizar says:

      I love to knit and crochet. I have made lots of Prayer shawels. I would be interested in your patterns.

  3. i love making alot of things with stuff i find i picked up some curtain remnants from a store and made purses and pillows out of them people paid 5 dollars each ( i gave a lot away) i made them in colors people wanted for their bed and clothes

  4. rockymtngrl1 says:

    Buy some old, used quilts at yard sales…cut them up for table runners and coasters! You can dress up your home like a country cottage for the holidays w/white and red quilts, or festive July red/white/blue decor! Go crazy! : )

  5. Jessica Ward says:

    Mason jars! They have so many different uses!@

  6. VELDA F. says:


  7. Sabrina W says:

    Spray painting old stuff from your grandma to add a modern flair.

  8. Jackie Slone says:

    …i covered a discarded Formica table with old yardsticks in a wood floor pattern, including around the edges. It looks great. Vintage and new at the same time!

  9. ajans43 says:

    The best makeover I've seen recently are the 'designer' catboxes. Saw someone take an old fish tank stand and cut a door on the side. Then the shelves held the littler box on the inside. The rest of it had storage for cat things. But from the outside, it looked like a nice serving table. They even installed a motion sensor light and lined for odor resistance! Also found an ikea hacker site that did the same with ikea furniture! Great way to hide the cat box (and keep away from the dog!).. I'm currently searching for the perfect cabinets to make my own!!

  10. Tina says:

    My best "this ain't your granny's" product makeover; I have to say that placing dessert on a doily is a great presentation.

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