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Are you yearning for color but a little hesitant? Here’s a suggestion: don’t look around…look down.

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Instead of wall color and room-centering pieces of furniture, focus on your floor. Building a color palette from the ground up is a great way to create a color story for a space in your home. Here are some tips on how colorful flooring can add wow factor to a new room or easily transform an existing space, whether through solid blocks of carpet or the layering of decorative rugs.


As a designer, I know that even in a neutral interior, color is extremely important. Flooring in bright colors can make a neutral room pop. Keep furniture and accessories in calm and classic tones like brown and cream. Then add creative textiles to tie the room together. Using a carpet with a mix of tones can dramatically expand the color story for your entire space.

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If even bolder color is what you’re after, pick a plush carpet in your favorite hue as your main accessory. Start with a carpet in purple, pink or blue. Then layer on a few of your favorite trimmings in a matching tone to complement the carpet.

The Rug Company

Move beyond color blocks and find a favorite design in a color scheme you love. A decorative rug with a leaf pattern in deep purple gives this clean white space a pop of color, and the over-sized design element becomes the primary decorative touch.

The Rug Company

Whether you like to swap out your color scheme every year or every season, an area rug is the perfect way to make a quick change without breaking the bank. So experiment, and have fun with color. As you can see, one colorful design element can make all the difference in livening up your floors and making your whole room pop.


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6 Responses

  1. lynn ross says:

    I'm in LOVE with that RUG, I'm redoing my kitchen now, its yellow, and silver, my den is yellow . and white with pops of RED back, , that rug would make my family room WOW:)

  2. Arlice Nichole says:

    I LOVE this idea Jeanine! It's easy, it affordable, and it can make for an immediate change! Brilliance is blogging here! :-)

  3. Burnett says:

    The rugs are interesting, the rooms are stunning. I would like to see the pictures without people that are truely art, and with the rooms in use. How do people use these rooms?
    Most importantly I would like to be able to point to areas in the room and find out what different items are, such as the flooring under the rug in the fourth picture?
    Good idea??

    • @AphroChic says:

      I'm not sure what the flooring is under the rug. It does have a very interesting look. This type of rug would look good over any type of hardwood flooring and even in a room with wall-to-wall carpet that needs some color and definition. I will definitely take your advice and see if I can include some more rooms in use in my posts. Thank you!

  4. Maggie says:

    I love rugs… a great way of adding color & pazzaz..!
    but I just discovered something so cool, so different, and it's great for any space, especially Kid's rooms, Den's etc.. These are Liquid floor tiles- amazing transparent vinyl tiles that contain colored liquid, that move and squish around as you walk across the floor…
    I got a few for my kids room…they just love them.. can't keep them off… and the great thing is you can move them around to different parts of the house…. check them out <a href="http://www.cafe-interiors.com” target=”_blank”>www.cafe-interiors.com

  5. Jesse says:

    Keep in mind when buying decorative rugs, many are wool. This day & age, many consumers are buying "store bought" carpet cleaning machines. These machines are bad enough on your standard nylon carpet, backing and pad, but can destroy delicate fabrics like wool, silk, velvet, etc.
    Always remeber the saying applies to all…"You get what you pay for".
    For tips, go to <a href="http://www.ProCleanSTL.com” target=”_blank”>www.ProCleanSTL.com

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