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Imagine a 5,300 square-foot home complete with cathedral ceilings, see-through floors and a Moorish wine cellar with LED lights. Impressive, yes? Now, what if I told you this was merely the detached pool house to an even larger home? You’d be stunned, no doubt.

Tennessee designer Jamie Beckwith went all out in this jaw-dropping space, custom designing the flooring, the decorative woodwork, even the wooden tub herself. So before joining Jamie’s tour of her personal oasis, best to super glue your jaw together.

Jamie says, “This is the main living area in the house. The floor-to-ceiling silver travertine wall has lighting recessed into the stone. I had the oil painting commissioned for the niche of travertine. The beautiful chandeliers are Swedish antiques. I used a bleached, cowhide rug to mop up water that may get tracked in from the pool. This was a must for a family with three children and three poodles. I also covered the furniture in indoor/outdoor Perennials fabrics. The wall relief above the entryway is a dimensional wall-tile product by the Jamie Beckwith Collection made out of red cedar.”

Here’s a really cool sitting area in the home. It sits on top of the wine cellar and has a clear floor that acts like a glass-bottom boat. Guests can look down into the acrylic and walnut wine cellar to enjoy the changing LED lights. When we aren’t entertaining, a roller shade closes to protect the wine from light.

Let’s head down to the cellar itself. I designed it to hold the excessive weight of the wine bottles. The side storage is walnut, which brings an organic feeling to the more modern acrylic. Interesting niches showcase large format bottles. The Jamie Beckwith Collection end-grain flooring was finished on site. Interestingly-proportioned, decorative French balls complete the design.

When we’re entertaining guests, we never have to leave the pool house – it has a full-service kitchen. I continued the theme of  unexpected lighting (as seen in the wine cellar) with a backlit onyx backsplash and a 3-form, yellow resin top that’s also lit from underneath. Smart additions like the large trough sink, ideal for bottles of wine or ice cream, make the kitchen a fabulous place to host parties.

The dining area features unconventional seating. The different sizes of chairs, sofas and benches create visual interest, along with the accent wall made of end-grain wood blocks.

We designed gender-segregated bathrooms due to the large number of guest we host, so they would be as comfortable as possible. Here’s the men’s bathroom area with walls entirely covered in limestone panels. On the floor, you’ll see a walnut “rug” inset. The holes are great for catching excess water.Vertical light strips in blue break up the cool limestone and continue the decorative lighting theme seen throughout the pool house.

The walls in the women’s bathroom were hand-painted, in sepia tones, scenes of forest and wildlife for a more feminine look.  I custom-designed the wooden bathtub and added walnut vanities and heated, limestone flooring for a few more luxurious touches.

The upstairs apartment is used when guests or family visit. It features a bedroom, full kitchen, bathroom, stackable laundry and storage. It’s the ideal place for someone looking for privacy and solitude, without being completing cut off from the fun of the pool and cabanas.

26 Responses

  1. OMG! That wine cooler or whatever it is is absolutely stunning. I haven't seen such an incredible interior designer as I have with Jamie Beckwith. She is incredible.

  2. Karen says:

    I really love the cathedral ceilings. They bring out the space. The pool is just wonderful and cozy. I can't wait to see what new interior designs Jamie Beckwith comes up with.

  3. Angie says:

    Our home is finally finished. The last piece was a pool house, assembled by Backyard Rooms. I really didn’t expect them to finish so fast.

  4. www.transpire.co says:

    nice story

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