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Once upon a time, I had a huge crush that I promptly squashed when the very eligible bachelor shared with me that he thought antiquing was boring. It was a deal breaker. Fortunately, I met someone who shares my intense love of antique stores, flea markets and yard sales, and we’ve lived happily ever after. Until now, because I have a new crush…on Please Sir.

North Carolina-based textile designer and artist Diana Martini (the second person I know with that last name) is a self-proclaimed expert in the “art of flea-marketing.” Based on her blog, I would say she’s the queen.

More than a series of posts detailing jaw-dropping vintage finds, Diana’s photography brings attention to the decorating inspiration to be found in the way vendors display their wares, as well as tips on where you can go to find them. I could spend hours clicking through her extensive photo essays on the semi-annual Liberty Antique Festival categorized by pretty, quirky, picnic and more.

Maybe you’ve hit a creative block on a design project or need an uplifting dose of creativity on a particularly vexing day. Please Sir’s perfect antidote is Diana’s Inspiring Interiors posts illuminating the work and personal spaces of designers, photographers and stylists.

And her Wear to Where posts explore the relationship between fashion and design, so your exterior will be in hip harmony with the interior of your home.

"I've recently taken an interest in birds because my sister is using a bird theme to decorate the nursery for her soon-to-be baby girl."

When she’s not designing textiles or combing flea markets, Diana is attending exhibits by local artists and offering insightful perspectives on the intersection of art and life.

"Thread. It's easy to forget how much thread, a basic and complex necessity, surrounds and assists our everyday life. I am continually fascinated by what thread does and how artists explore thread in their work."

Blogs are themselves an intersection of life and art. Diana’s mother stalked bargains at yard sales with her and posted comments on Please Sir.

"7 am on a Saturday morning...my Mom calls to dish about her round-up of yard sale finds."

After her mom’s passing last year, Diana stepped back from blogging. Her posts have picked up again, including her much anticipated series of photo essays from last month’s September’s Liberty Antique Festival. We are glad. Perhaps in 2011 Diana will start an etsy store. Then we’ll have an extra big crush on Please Sir.


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  1. Burnett says:

    Do you think wood or Tile in a large kitchen to hold or increase your home's value? I have high water traffic from the pool.

  2. Diane says:

    I just finished watching "What you get for the money" basement renovation in Milwaukee, WI. It was a painful experience. "Liz" was the most obnoxious person I have seen on HGTV! Also she is obviously not from Wisconsin; why not choose a local instead of someone from NY or NJ??????

    Poor choice of realtors; still love Monica!

  3. Danny Naz says:

    Hi, this is Dan from Creativo Surface Design. We are a textile/surface design studio located in NY. Currently we are looking for some new artists to compliment our existing talent as well as inject new design styles to our group. Currently we represent 10+ artists from around the world. We showcase to medium and large retailers and specialty stores in apparel, home furnishing, gift and paper goods. If you feel you or any of your friends/collegues may be interested in being represented by Creativo, drop us a line http://www.thinkcreativo.com/textile-designer-sub….

    Also, you can sign up for our Designers Corner newsletter to get more insight into the textile industry http://eepurl.com/bKfoD.

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