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Picking the color of the month is like picking your favorite cupcake. Chocolate…so rich. Strawberry? Sweet, ripe fruit. Or how about silky red velvet with cream cheese icing? See what I mean? Practically impossible. How can you abandon any when they’re all so delicious?

In October, we got lucky; consensus came quickly. We all fell for peacock, turquoise’s big sister, which pairs perfectly with this season’s gray, dusty pink and chartreuse.

For November, it took a lot more work to find a color we could all agree on. We argued for gold (the metallic sort), cherry, raisin and even black. Finally, though, we made our choice. This month?

We’re predicting that you’ll fall for plum.

Our conversation about plum started when our color guru, Emily Morrow of Shaw Floors, shared pictures of her recent trip to Italy (see pic 1, above). While on her scouting tour, purple, from violet to raisin, took center stage in store windows. And now it’s showing up on the street in everything from men’s blazers to women’s blouses.

But how to use it at home? Like peacock, it shines with gold (metallic or otherwise). It also surprises, looking edgy and sophisticated, when paired with a red or a blue that matches its intensity.

1. Brinjal, 2. Dark Triumph, 3. Bottle of Bordeaux

Plum is a color that pops on walls, especially when paired with white trim. Try Farrow & Ball’s Brinjal in a kitchen — the aubergine works in everything from rustic Tuscan to sleek modern. Rodda’s Dark Triumph would make for a stand-out powder room and Benjamin Moore’s Bottle of Bourdeaux would turn a bedroom into a boudoir.

If painting a whole room’s too much of a commitment, try accessorizing. Here are some more ideas we love:

Dining Room Rug, Lori Dennis

Deep Purple Ottoman, Frugal Design Girl

Zambia Throw, Z Gallerie

Plum Chairs, Traditional Home

Scarlet Chaise, Crate & Barrel

Well…what do you think? Did we pick the right cupcake color?


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19 Responses

  1. 1naturelover2 says:

    Plum is one of my favorite colors….kinds goes with brown too…..depends on the tone!!

    • Kelley says:

      I saw a ton of chocolate and plum while I was researching the post. It's a gorgeous combo — so luxurious and sophisticated.

  2. Margaret Z says:

    I love these colors as they work together so well in these rooms. :)

  3. Kelley says:

    Yay! It seems to dominate this month. I'm so glad we picked well — you just never know. :)

  4. Bootsie Cooper says:

    I am trying to find a place I can ask a decorating tip….so I am going to ask it here…hope you don't mind-
    I am redoing one of my bedrooms…the dresser is a cherry wood and I am looking for a headboard. I have found one I like, it is metal and it is antique brown….will this be okay to use??? Will it match or blend???

  5. pixelecho69 says:

    love those warm colors and the picture of that scarlet chaise sofa it's so elegant, but then I love all the variations of purple.

  6. todd says:

    It is really funny that Plum is the color of the month. We just remodeled our bathroom and it is a soft lilac with a Grape Purple accent wall (real close to plum). We used white baseboard and crown molding and does it pop! We love it.

  7. A deep Plum color looks wonderful when accompanied with a gray color (dark or light). I'm a big fan of rich colors, so a deep Plum would be my pick for the range of plum variants that you have to chose from. I like the "Scarlet Chaise, Crate & Barrel" picture the most out of all the pictures.

  8. Amy says:

    This color is really popping up all over the place! I'm seeing pre-selected color palettes focusing around a plum, purple color as the main color all over the place. If done right this can be really elegant. Isn't purple known to be the color of royalty? That's always a good feeling to exude in your home! :)

  9. Rugby Shirts says:

    I used to not like purple but when it became my daughter's favorite it has become mine too. The photos are remarkable and exciting to look at. Thanks for sharing. Rugby Shirts

  10. Barry Cantrell says:

    I am told I have too much craving for all things purple, so to have purple,dark purple as the color for November the month of my brith is a antastic choice! This just gve me more arguing points!Thanks! Oh, you should see all my purple things, and do I have some purple stories; like the flak I took when I painted our house light blue dark blue trim and deep gloss purple for all the accent parts(the house was built 1925 circa!

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