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One of our absolute favorite designers, Lori Dennis, wants to give you a sneak peak of her new book. Lori is an expert on executing green design that’s smart and chic. Green Interior Design is her easy-to-use, inspirational manual for creating a beautifully designed home that focuses on reducing waste and pollution, as well as protecting the health of those living in it.

This Allworth Press release is available in stores later this month, but I’ve got an advance copy with your name on it. Simply answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Nov. 8. to win. And check out Lori Dennis on HGTV’s Designers’ Portfolio.

This week’s question: What ways have you gone green in your home?

PS If you’re coming here from Facebook.com/HGTV, you’ll need to answer the question in the comments below for it to count. Questions answered on the Facebook site aren’t entered into the contest.

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174 Responses

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  2. Robin says:

    Heating and or cooling only the rooms that I use. Recycling. When cooking, I try to cook something that will last 2 or 3 days and that can be served hot or cold. Better cold then no reheating.

  3. vstark says:

    I'm both amused and appalled by the way pop culture has "discovered" green living. Most tips on saving energy and "living green" that are touted as "new" are the same things we tried to convince people to do in the 70s. We got sneered at as left-over hippies for our trouble. Since my parents were "into it", I have always done things like compost, grow vegetables and herbs, use only cold water in the laundry, use far less laundry soap than the makers want you to (clothes still get clean and there isn't soap left in the fabric), shut off lights and appliances when not in use, etc. Remember the old New England mantra "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." Notice that very few "green tips" include not buying new stuff – the most obvious one of all!

  4. Sharron Johnson says:

    Hi, I have gone green by utilizing the energy efficient light bulbs and the green air filters for my home.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Recycling everything I possible can, reuse vitamin water bottles for water bottles… great use by the way, don't bag when mowing, made patio furniture out of an old deck cedar wood torn down, use wood mulch from the city recylcing facility, have my own garden for veggies all spring/summer/fall, getting ready to take all plastic bags i can find, cuting and making plarn then using it to make tote bags for friends for xmas

  6. Tonnie says:

    I try to recycle all newspapers, cardboard, bottles, etc as much as I can. I have many plants, specifiically Amazon Money Tree plants, to help clean the air. I'd love to learn more ways I can live green!

  7. Jumpin' John says:

    I compost leaves and it makes great fertilizer for my house plants. Also, all magazines and newpapers get recyled..

  8. jmr says:

    Recycling when possible, plus I don't buy paper napkins or paper towels.

  9. 2poosmom says:

    As an AT&T Uverse subscriber I am totally disappointed in what's going on. Four of my favorite channels are gone…pulled by HGTV over money…..really! I guess it's time for some competition. HGTV really doesn't care about it's fan base.

  10. danielle says:

    This is the worst day!!! No HGTV, DIY Cooking channel. Whats going on? Please get them back on. This is all I watch on TV.

    Thank You Danielle

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