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One of our absolute favorite designers, Lori Dennis, wants to give you a sneak peak of her new book. Lori is an expert on executing green design that’s smart and chic. Green Interior Design is her easy-to-use, inspirational manual for creating a beautifully designed home that focuses on reducing waste and pollution, as well as protecting the health of those living in it.

This Allworth Press release is available in stores later this month, but I’ve got an advance copy with your name on it. Simply answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Nov. 8. to win. And check out Lori Dennis on HGTV’s Designers’ Portfolio.

This week’s question: What ways have you gone green in your home?

PS If you’re coming here from Facebook.com/HGTV, you’ll need to answer the question in the comments below for it to count. Questions answered on the Facebook site aren’t entered into the contest.

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174 Responses

  1. HoneyDew2 says:

    OMG! This a total disaster! My hubby can't function without HGTV and DIY! Please put them back on the air and save our marriage!

  2. AEVande says:

    I would like to win!

  3. Patrice Garrett says:

    Luv Sustainable design…I am an Architecture student and utilize every aspect of earth saving living….. Go Green… they call me the Jolly Green Gaint because Im 6ft tall, happy personality and yep design green biuldings..lol

  4. We live in a big apartment complex. Composting is out of the question, but I try to find uses for things that would otherwise get thrown away. We shop second-hand stores for decorations/knick knacks and only buy recycled paper products (like TP, paper towels, etc.) I plan on starting a recycling bin, too.

  5. cthomestager says:

    I'm glad there's a book about Green Design…I just did a search on the topic a few days ago and came up pretty empty. Small or big houses can incorporate green elements in every room, indoors and out. I'd love to win the book so I can show my clients that it's worth it to go Green!

  6. Vanessa says:

    I'm always looking for new tips for both design and for going greener. Awesome combination. We only have one world, its our jobs to take care of it and to teach those we impact to take care of it.

  7. cthomestager says:

    Sorry I forgot to answer the Question. I've gone green by using Cedar balls and Cedar blocks instead of air fresheners and moth balls in closets, drawers, and storage chests.

  8. Jessica says:

    I recycle all cans and bottles, use eco-friendly/energy saving light bulbs, use recycled bags. I work at home as a web designer and I try to not print anything and always send electronic files; and when I absolutely need to print, I use recycled paper – my stack of recycled paper has lasted me more than 6 years!

    Oh, and to give my apartment a nice eco-friendly look it's decorated with many sansevieria plants!

  9. Leighann says:

    We've changed all of our light bulbs to energy efficient, use power bars and switch off at the source, we use recycled items and re decorate with used items to re finish where possible.

  10. Let's put aside the notion that being green at home is expensive. It just takes a little effort from us. Thanks for the inspiration. http://www.buzzlightyeartoy.org.uk

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