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One of our absolute favorite designers, Lori Dennis, wants to give you a sneak peak of her new book. Lori is an expert on executing green design that’s smart and chic. Green Interior Design is her easy-to-use, inspirational manual for creating a beautifully designed home that focuses on reducing waste and pollution, as well as protecting the health of those living in it.

This Allworth Press release is available in stores later this month, but I’ve got an advance copy with your name on it. Simply answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Nov. 8. to win. And check out Lori Dennis on HGTV’s Designers’ Portfolio.

This week’s question: What ways have you gone green in your home?

PS If you’re coming here from Facebook.com/HGTV, you’ll need to answer the question in the comments below for it to count. Questions answered on the Facebook site aren’t entered into the contest.

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174 Responses

  1. Mary Jane Jimenez says:

    I recycle faithfully and recently had a kitty door put in my kitchen door to keep in heat being lost by kitchen door being open to laundry room. Kittys' food kept in hallway and litter box in basement so they (2)still have access to their needs. I keep my heat at 60 and just add an extra layer. Also I have a propane fireplace I use to take the chill off in the morning. I dont watch a lot of TV but HGTV is the one on all the time! Love it!

  2. Sandy says:

    I've always lived "green". My father taught me to compost back in the 60's. I like to hang up clothes on a clothes line to dry in the sun. I grow vegies & herbs. I use a food dehydrater. I even found the right setting on it to make my own yogurt by the gallon and add my own flavoring! I recycle. I use empty medicine bottles for storing little things and canning jars for storage of bigger things so I can see what they are (works great in cupboards and fridge). I really like the big pickle jars! I buy large packages of meat & repack into smaller ones & label & freeze. I am always looking for new ideas!

  3. Every lightbulb in my house is the energy efficient type. I also recycle metal and cans, cardboard, paper, and glass at the local recycle center. I just bought a house so I haven't set up a compost bin as of yet, but that is coming. I keep my A/C at 79 and my heat at 68.

  4. Summer says:

    We have "greened" up our home in many significant ways (cloth napkins, environmentally friendly cleaning products, etc.), but one of my favorite things is we now collect all of the plastic caps and lids that are not recycled by our local collector (and used to be trashed) and take them to a local Aveda salon that has a program for recycling them. These little bits of plastic tend to find their way into our streams and oceans and cause great damage to wildlife. Please check out Aveda's program here.

  5. Irene Garvin says:

    We stopped buying paper towels in favor of microfiber, natural cleaning products and for our kitchen renovation we did our best to get the greenest materials we could afford (marmoleum floor, quartz counters) we have all energy star appliances and updating the 50s toilet is saving us 16k gallons a year, seriously!!

  6. Gwen says:

    just recycle whatever I can.

  7. jatoferfi says:

    We have changed all the bulbs in our apartment to cfl, we keep the thermostat at about 78 in summer. We live in Atlanta and have a ceiling fan which keeps our apartment cool even though we have tons of windows. We also keep the heat low in winter, and adjust the window coverings to take advantage of the sun to help heat in winter. Unfortunately we have no control over the appliances, but so far our bills have been pretty low.

  8. Nichole Grawer says:

    recycle almost everything! Stop using paper plates, paper napkins and plastic forks. We switched to cloth napkins, siverware and real dishes for gotherings. So what if we have to wash a few more dishes!

  9. Lara Klaman says:

    We reuse, recycle and repurpose everything we can as part of our daily lives. Now we are much more aware of what we are buying and how it is made and packaged. We buy local more often, and use as many Eco-friendly and homemade products (especially cleaning items) as possible. We've recently put in new windows (what a difference!) and the cool roof is going on this month. Next is solar (everyone in the west should have it-c'mon people!), and hoping for a wind turbine in the not-so-distant future (just in time to power up my new electric Mini Cooper!) As far as decorating goes, I try to be clever, slipcovers for furniture and pillows, painting items for a fresh look, giving away or selling/ swapping items we don't use anymore. It's fun and challenging and we feel great about our efforts.

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