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Everyone welcome our good friend, HGTV Design Star 2010, Emily Henderson, to Design Happens. Did you see her premiere, Secrets of a Stylist? Crazy good. (If you missed it, she redid Glee co-creator Ian Brennan’s LA bungalow; here’s the Before-and-After.)

One of Emily’s favorite things to do is create a room based on her client’s fashion sense. So every month, we’re going to send her a runway photo from the most recent Fashion Week and she’ll design a style board for it. Check out her first one, Runway to Home — done from the point of view of the runway model. It’s just as fun, irreverent and design-savvy as you’d imagine. Join us again in December when Emily designs a room around Christopher Kane’s latest look!


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4 Responses

  1. pixelecho69 says:

    Hi Emily welcome and congratulations on your Victory, I have to say you did a great job, you are very talented ! we will be watching your designs ! love what you did with Mr. Ian Brennan bungalow, it's simple but very Elegant.

  2. Barry Cantrell says:

    Simply amazing! I’m still trying to wrap my mind around an episode of House Hunters where they shelled out $200k for a house and then another $6k plus to ‘clean it up’ then to visit your wonderful project,Wow, amazing! You see in our area you can spend $200k on a home or buy one of the several 100 that are less than $100k and $10k will be more than enough to bring it up to the look you accomplished. From what I see of your work you would really have fun and easy ability to really put a wow factor in any of these homes. In Oct 2007 we bought a home with 875 square feet ( 875 in the semi-finished basement not counted due to the lack of an 2nd exit) that listed for $125k but my sisters negotiation skills and the changing economy we bought it for $98k! I have the idea plans for an addition to make the bedrooms bigger, but we also need clean up work in the existing area first. Your award winning ideas and others I have seen on HGTV would be great to incorporate into the project, especially the area already lived in. However the coast is more than my disability pension and my wife’s salary will cover. I know the COLA in your area and the area where the house hunters were located makes a huge difference, but there still must be another revenue resource to help with the cost. I know places were new and used material can be bought cheep, but still there will be a need for added revenue. What do you suggest? Thank you,Barry

  3. May says:

    I was very impressed with Emily Henderson''s design insight and expertise. Emily may appear as a Valley girl image but her ability to coordinate a room design offers much more than what her image offers. Emily exudes a natural ability to select, arrange, and coordinate a room layout. She builds a room with layers of not just furniture but with history and purpose. Even though she experiments with different renditions of how to decorate, I think she works hard to offer an aesthestically pleasing and balanced room design that she is able to articulate in a all-American style, offering a well-balanced effort to coordinate space and objects harmoniously.

  4. Sonya Parga says:

    You know I told my husband at the beginning of last season's Design Star that the only one there worth winning was Emily… and I was right! Emily you can work on my home anytime, come on over! I might even be tempted to cook you all a big southwestern Mexican meal! Love your work!

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