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Finding a journal with writerly gravitas and a lovely cover is always a delight.

This embossed leather journal with tasseled closure from Anthropologie would be a pleasure to write in or simply display on a desk.

What writing tool inspires in you the creative cobbling of words?


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5 Responses

  1. pixelecho69 says:

    Well I think is adorable not only helps you as a journal but it would look great in a coffee table next to very nicely done bed, or maybe in the kitchen as a recipe book.

  2. Lili says:

    I agree. It's such a beautiful piece that it would make a perfect finishing touch just about anywhere.

  3. Janzee says:

    The dignified writer's journal is always a compliment to a modern coffee table or a gooseneck marble end unit as long as the writer doesn't mind curious perusal through the pages of of an embossed silk, and rather inviting journal. The private leatherbound stash, of a secret writer waiting to be published, or inspired musings of the adventurous traveler desirous of winning an HGTV home may choose to keep a set of journals, I won't tell you where, but close enough to your bedside so if you wake up to the doorbell or loud knocking at the door, you can quickly record your first impressions as you may be the next winner.

  4. arcarfmiT says:

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  5. arcarfmiT says:

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