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Winter isn’t my favorite season. The ice! The wind! But at no other time of the year does a warm, crackling fire feel so good.

An archival issue of Homes & Gardens featured this bedroom retreat that strikes the perfect balance of glamour and cozy comfort.


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  1. pixelecho69 says:

    I agree there's is nothing better than to come home after a busy day and just hide away in beautiful room like this.
    I really would want a little place of my own just to take a break from everyday life just, a little moment to my self, and if my retreat could look like this ! I cant even imagine.

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    I love those Neutral color's and also the mirror above the fire place is it a mirror? or just and accent and the chair next to it is lovely again in a neutral color it tide's everything in that room together

  3. Valerie Russell says:

    I am 65+ and in the midst of building my dream retirement home in Ensenada Beach, Mx. I love Color Splash. David is so creative and I am learning to be more daring with bright colors and learning that neutrals are not just brown and beige.

  4. Anna says:

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  5. ghd says:

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