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Here we are, seven days away from Thanksgiving. Family and friends will soon descend upon your home. Expecting overnight guests? Don’t stress. Here’s a handful of suggestions to give your guest room the charm of a bed and breakfast combined with the luxuries of a boutique hotel.

Be prepared – they may never want to leave!

Scented candles and a reading lamp will help your guests feel at home. An alarm clock will help them wake up from an afternoon nap or for that early airport shuttle.

Extra pillows and throws will keep your overnight visitors comfy and warm.

Bottled water or a carafe with a small cup is a must-have for a bedside table, along with a selection of books and magazines that match your guests’ interests.

A  full-size mirror will help your guests look their finest in their holiday attire. Luxurious linens will help them sleep well.

Soft bathrobes and disposable flip flops offer a spa-like touch. And don’t forget to clear out some closet space before guests arrive.

For visitors who can’t say goodbye to work for the long weekend stock a desk with pens and notepads, along with easy access to a power strip.

A reading nook offers guests a place to relax. This side table provides the ideal spot for fresh flowers, a coaster and a bowl for nuts.

We have more guest bedroom and guest bathroom tips and videos to help you create stylish spaces for your Thanksgiving visitors. And go shopping at HGTV.com for chic, budget-friendly decor your guests will love.

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  1. pixelecho69 says:

    A spa like touch and Luxurious linens sounds and looks amazing ! but ! if you treat your guest like that , they will stay for the whole week not just for the weekend and you will never get any help in the kitchen, they will love their room so much your guest will feel warm and welcomed

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