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The Beat wallpaper from AphroChic’s new collection, Brooklyn Renaissance, is at once classic and vibrant…youthful and sophisticated.

Aphrochic The Beat wallpaper

Jeanine Hays joined HGTV.com as a Design Happens featured blogger and our color expert, after we fell in love with the modern, soulful style that is the essence of her blog and shop — AphroChic. The vibrant hues and playful patterns in her collection are authentic to the clothing styles and street scenes I see in Brooklyn every day.

Jeanine’s high-end pillows, table decor, wallcoverings and other textiles are eco-friendly, in the production process and the materials used. And all AphroChic products are made in the USA.


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13 Responses

  1. pixelecho69 says:

    That is very bold Wallpaper very Retro as well, nice but when decorating with wallpaper you have to be careful sometimes you have to build you room around it.
    This company Aphro chic has great styles and colors to choose from.

  2. Kamila says:

    true- the color and style are very bold.
    Who would you say such a wallpaper is suitable for? a teenagers room? family room? restaurant?
    i am always afraid to show my clients something too modern or trendy, because people tend to like what they already know and is familiar to them…
    Kamila http://www.kamila.co.il

    • @AphroChic says:

      Kamila, thanks so much for your comment. This wallpaper was hung in a living room and looked absolutely beautiful. It's great for any client who desires something out of the box. We love the idea of using it in a space where you can appreciate and admire it fully – living room, dining room or family room. It's created to make a big statement in a space.

  3. MaddyTN says:

    Recently Genevieve Gorder used a graphic bird wallpaper on one wall of a multi-purpose room that was to serve as a nursery, guest room, tv room, and computer room for a young couple. I would love to know the name of that wallpaper, the designer, and where I could find/order it.

  4. AJGarces says:

    I love Toile and have used it previously in the forms of accents, small and large. In an old rental apartment, our bathroom was covered floor to ceiling in pink tile with very few black pieces as accents! OMG! yup, that was my reaction, also, but I had no choice but to deal. One day, I figured, what can be bolder than tiles in one color, allover? Well, in my opinion, Black and White motifs, better in Toile designs. Against pink? Duh! Against any color, it's the boldest combo that is sure to distract the eyes from a disturbing color choice. I found a shower curtain in white with the allover Toile design in black. I've also had pillows and bedroom curtains in Toile styled fabrics. A romantic touch in any room!

  5. Paper says:

    Hafe fun!

  6. C’猫 chi invece ha rinunciato a cappuccino e brioche e inizia la sua giornata con cavolfiore e cicoria centrifugati, come la giornalista Monica Setta: Questioni di salute spiega lei. Ma c’猫 anche chi sfoggia un glamour degno delle pagine di Vogue indossando solo capi e accessori ecologici, dalle sontuose scarpe in non pelle di Stella McCartney o di Prada alle borse vintage in canvas di Vuitton. Come Lilly Ercole, sofisticata lady piemontese dei sottaceti appena rilanciati dal principesco spot di Emanuele Filiberto, che ama presentarsi agli amici offrendo golosi cesti di frutta biologica anzich茅 i soliti mazzi di fiori.

  7. arceli says:

    great post arceli

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