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Seaside cottage? Manhattan loft? Suburban two-story? Where ever you live, this abalone shell mirror will look divine hanging on a wall or resting on a coffee table.

For a chance to bring home this mirror from the Chicago boutique Jayson Home & Garden, simply answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Nov. 22.

This week’s question: What’s your best unexpected find while shopping on vacation?

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158 Responses

  1. Tara P. says:

    A colorful vase I found while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico about 15 years ago.

  2. Carol Czichrak says:

    While my brother was giving me a tour of an old town in Delaware, I found a two-step stool…hand-painted in all my favorite colours…ducks too. I love it and I use it.

  3. Lori says:

    While on a bus trip down to Atlantic City, our bus had to take a detour and got stuck in traffic in a very small town We were stopped on this little street and nowhere to go except to a yard sale that was right next to the bus. My mom and I got out, along with other passengers and we found a picture frame that my mom had broken a couple months prior. The frame originally had her wedding picture and she was broken hearted when it broke. We could not believe our eyes when we found this perfect replica. She has since passed away, but the frame remains hanging in my living room with my parents wedding picture. A truly awesome find!

  4. Melissa Barnes says:

    my best find was a hand carved piece of driftwood from this little shop off of main drag in Panama City Beach, FL – it is beautiful, its a one of a kind, lighthouse with a pelican and dolphin carved into it – great conversation piece!!!

  5. Ros says:

    I found the most beautiful and colorful artisan water glasses and appetizer plates made of blown glass on my vacation near Guadalajara, Mexico in a little artisan town named Tonala. Everybody that comes to my house ask me where I got them, they really like them!

  6. Patricia says:

    My favorite shopping find while on vacation was a unique wreath made of natural cotton balls just bursting with downy soft cotton and surrounded by magnolia leaves. Perfect reminder of my southern beach vacation and I still enjoy hanging it up each year.

  7. janglin28 says:

    My favorite shopping find was a Santos cage doll. I had seen one in a magazine spread and couldn't believe how wonderful it looked in the design. I was so excited when I found it that I took a picture of it and send it to all my friends. When I brought it home from my trip I carried it on the plane by hand and wouldn't allow anyone else to touch it.

  8. Debbie says:

    A Friendship Plate for my sister-in-law.

  9. patti17 says:

    Now this is going to sound like I made it up, but I have witnesses, in case you fail to believe me! After attending my great Niece's wedding in Kansas, my aunt, sister, brother and cousin went antiquing! Aunt Mary Lou collects dishes from a certain era so off we went! In on of the shops we were all oooing and aaahing over all the lovely things, when I was drawn to an area that had old Kansas school books and a sweet little rocking chair. I opened a couple of the books which reminded me of the texts we used when I was in early grade school. One in particular was a music book with those lovely old water color illustrations. Really took ME back! (heavy sigh) I put it down and continued looking around. Before we left I decided I should just get the little music book. Bought it, opened the front cover & MY NAME was written in it in my handwriting! BEST PURCHASE ever on a vacation! Sweet.

  10. Sharon Gibson says:

    While in Hawaii, I found a Mother Of Pearl and Coral, necklace, earrings and bracelet, I'd never seen jewelry like that before. I love it.

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