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Seaside cottage? Manhattan loft? Suburban two-story? Where ever you live, this abalone shell mirror will look divine hanging on a wall or resting on a coffee table.

For a chance to bring home this mirror from the Chicago boutique Jayson Home & Garden, simply answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Nov. 22.

This week’s question: What’s your best unexpected find while shopping on vacation?

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158 Responses

  1. 4Grammy says:

    While vacationing on Cape Cod, I found this beautiful cranberry glass vase to give to my sister for Christmas. She loved it!

  2. [...] sure to enter this weeks Freebie Friday at HGTV!  This weeks freebie is this beautiful abalone shell mirror from Jayson Home and Garden. [...]

  3. Emily says:

    I was vising my mom and I found these great serving trays that were made out of vine-like strands and berries. I collect serving trays and this is the most unique find I have ever added to my collection.

  4. Kati says:

    I found a beautiful pencil box in Italy.

  5. On my honeymoon in Nova Scotia we found several local artists' studios, but my favorite thing I brought home with me was a handmade glass star for my holiday star collection. Great memory!

  6. What is with the prutrid greens and poop yellows in all the decor on the tv??? And the accents are from gheto garbage gatherings!!! why do they put stripes, prints, solids, and floral of absolute different colors together??? Didn't anybody ever teach designers that these "DO NOT" look attractive together, just like someones disgarded items!!!

    • seems to me if it's in "all the decor" you might be the one who isn't getting it. Try taking a look at a color wheel and taking a class on color theory at a local college so that you can understand the way primary, secondary and tertiary colors work together.

    • pam share says:

      This isnt a place for your opinion its a place to answer a question, if you dont have an answer, go to contact HGTV and complain there.

  7. Jean Sagarese says:

    A Brighton purse that my sister got me

  8. Judy says:

    This item is not unique really but it was perfect for my MIL. We bought her a ceramic pot w lid that says Ocean City Beach Fund for her to put on her bar. it's a great memory of the vacation we had together and gives her (and us) to save for another one.

  9. jterts says:

    A painting from St. Vincent which portrays the way my grandparents' generation would make bread in a brick oven in their backyard and iron clothes with a brass iron which was heated on hot charcoal .

  10. Andy Goddard says:

    My best unexpected find was an african wood carving I bought from Portobello Market in London. It was special because I never expected to find it there and it is now sitting nicely in my sitting room.

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