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Seaside cottage? Manhattan loft? Suburban two-story? Where ever you live, this abalone shell mirror will look divine hanging on a wall or resting on a coffee table.

For a chance to bring home this mirror from the Chicago boutique Jayson Home & Garden, simply answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Nov. 22.

This week’s question: What’s your best unexpected find while shopping on vacation?

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158 Responses

  1. deena says:

    an awesome victorian style headboard

  2. Betty says:

    Every time we visited family in Wilmington, IL I would find wonderful things in the antique stores….an old painted iron floor lamp, a teapot for my collection, a pair of the ugliest blue Queen Anne side chairs that became my favorite black extra chairs. My very favorite find was a very old pocketknife for my husband's collection.

  3. kelly mcnichol says:

    We had traveled to Paris and in the hotel we stayed at in the halls was this plant I had been obsessing about for years and had not been able to find in any nursery in Dallas…ever. I could not believe it! So, walking down a parisian street, I popped into a plant store…and there was the plant! So I bought it. Put it in a paper grocery bag and when we left paris, took it home with me. Little did I know until we were on the plane and filling out customs report that plants were ILLEGAL to bring across country lines! I was terrified I would be arrested and yet I really really wanted that silly little plant. So I did not claim it, got pulled into separate line than my friends, had my stuff x-rayed while I was sweating bullets about federal crimes, why did I not just tell the truth and give it up. Surprisingly, no idea how, but they passed me through, plant and all. By the way, the plant was Baby's Tears, this delicatge little charmer….that now is occassionally available here.

  4. CplusE says:

    My best unexpected find while shopping on vacation was a wooden plaque with a lobster carved and painted on the surface. We were in New Zealand for Christmas about 15 years ago, and I was trying to find a gift for my husband. He is an ecologist who studies crustaceans and I always try to get him at least one present with a crustacean theme. Finding this plaque of a New Zealand lobster was perfect, and best of all it is fairly small, flat, and unbreakable, so it was not hard to get it home in one piece. It still hangs in our house and reminds us of that wonderful trip!

  5. jennifer says:

    A seashell/wine cork decorative piece made from an old farmhouse window……I get the most compliments from that one piece found on vacation.

  6. Cynthia says:

    I found my home! I am a native New Yorker…we came to visit my Grandmother in North Carolina….my husband loved it so much…we moved here!

  7. mark kalan says:

    Found an antique Kenneth Jay Lane rhinestone necklace at a garage sale.

  8. Cyndi Jo says:

    An octopus necklace at a farmer's market in FL

  9. roxie says:

    best find…some old kerr jars that are blue with the glass lids attached.. 3 of different sizes..came home and my dad had passed away and i found a old box with marbles and shooters…put the shooters in the small jar and the rest between the other jars…they hold a memory of my dad and my trip….very cool!

  10. kerryjo says:

    A set of hand-crafted wrought iron shelf supports shaped like people purchased in Ireland in 1995. Really love they are hand forged in my country of ancestral origin! I lugged those puppies all the way home to the Midwest.

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