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Seaside cottage? Manhattan loft? Suburban two-story? Where ever you live, this abalone shell mirror will look divine hanging on a wall or resting on a coffee table.

For a chance to bring home this mirror from the Chicago boutique Jayson Home & Garden, simply answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Nov. 22.

This week’s question: What’s your best unexpected find while shopping on vacation?

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158 Responses

  1. Lisa P. says:

    An iron wine rack for $12….holds 24 bottles of wine. Love it!

  2. Kimberly Keller says:

    I cannot pinpoint one exact thing but I LOVE to shop in consignment shops to find different, unique and sometimes one of a kind items :)

  3. Peggy Lemos says:

    A grandfather clock that did not work but I brought home and made into storage for our DVDs!

  4. Jennifer Conroy says:

    I stopped at a Garage Sale while on vacation and found a really cool and unique looking green antique bottle for 10 cents. I took it home glued some ribbon/beads at the top, dried some roses and use it as a vase – it looks beautiful.

  5. Robin Martin says:

    while on vacation, I always have my eye open for anything unusual, that has been made with a local flair, that reminds me of the area I visited. and it has to grab my attention and scream "buy me" then I will still shop for a while longer and think about it before I go give in and but it!

  6. Robin Purington says:

    My vacation treasures are the items from the land or the culture………I have a vast collection of beach finds, shells, driftwood, sea glass, weathered stones. I've added them to jewelry, scattered them through my home so that I can remember the beauty of the moments.

  7. Sherry Timmerman says:

    One of my favorite finds, was a beautiful and delicate wind chime made of jingle or "mermaid tonails" sea shells. I put it in my bedroom. When the air blows it just the right way, I can almost feel myself back at the beach.

  8. GertieB says:

    My best unexpected fine was a beautiful wing back chair and a lawyer's bookcase. The best part was I was so excited that I had found them that they let me have them for less than what they were asking! My Mom just knew that we wouldn't be able to get them in the vehicle but I was determined too. I managed to get them in and we had just enough room for us too! It was a long drive back home but so worth it!

  9. Mary Sylvester says:

    Found a yard sale in Hawaii….got great deals on local items and was with a person who LOVES yard sales.

  10. Amy A says:

    On a trip to Bordeaux, we had a very tight budget – not much money set aside for purchases. When visiting chateaux, several had small wooden placards with the name of the wine and design matching the label. They were quite economical. We only ended up buying one, but it represents a wine that we enjoyed in a country we love. The design also includes a seashell, which is a reminder of the city where we originally met.

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