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Nothing says welcome home for the holidays like a fresh evergreen wreath. Enter to win this one, complete with pinecones, citrus and berries, from farm-direct florist FiftyFlowers.

We’re giving away three of these seasonal delights, so answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Dec. 6 to be entered into the drawing. And we’ll ship it out ASAP, so you can enjoy the festive scent of juniper, Noble Fir and cedar in time for Christmas.

This week’s question: What single item of holiday decor most captures the spirit of the season in your home?

For inspiration, check out HGTV’s dazzling ideas for wreaths, tree trimmings, fireplace mantels and centerpieces.

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65 Responses

  1. jterts says:

    Our Christmas tree…decorating it in particular brings back childhood memories of christmas

  2. Rhonda says:

    Ours would have to be the Christmas tree.

  3. SydneyNK says:

    My favorite part of Christmas decorating is the gifts under the tree! when I walk past my tree and see all the gifts underneath, I think of how much fun it was to pick each gift and how much fun it will be to see the people I love open their gifts on Christmas day.

  4. simplydab says:

    A Santa "wreath" my son and I made from a kit ~15 years ago – it's made from 1/2 a bleach bottle, with glued felt for the face and hat, and then you wrap yarn and attach with pipe cleaners for the hair, beard and pompom. It's meant to hang on your front door, but I hung it inside so it wouldn't get ruined.

    We had so much fun making it, I went back to the store and bought the rest of the kits they had, and we gave them (finished) as presents to family and friends.

    That Santa means the holidays to me more than anything else :)

  5. Joanne Cook says:

    I have a very small Nativity that the kids used to play with that sits under my tree.

  6. Sherri S says:

    Twinkling lights. To me it doesn't matter if they adorn the tree, the mantle or outside the home. It just makes everything LOOK like Christmas to me. But the spirit of Christmas is in the smiles which reflect the heart.

  7. MaryBeth says:

    My Nativity. It was a wedding present 28 years ago- and speaks true of the season.

  8. bloggoneit says:

    In my home, the decoration that captures the spirit of Christmas to me is a snow globe my husband gave to me many years ago. The reason it captures the spirit for me is not because it plays a Christmas tune or because it has an outdoor winter scene on the inside, but the fact that my software engineering, numbers-crunching, "just give me the facts in a PowerPoint presentation" husband noticed I lit up like a Christmas tree every time I saw a snow globe, and secretly bought one for me. Each time I take the snow globe out of its box and put it in a place of honor every year, I get a little misty eyed and remember the day I opened my gift. It was the one time my husband was not his practical self and bought me something just because he knew it would bring me joy.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    The homemade ornaments accummulated over the years bring special memories..

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