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I’m a pretty traditional gal when it comes to Christmas decor. But this year, I abandoned all things red, green and gold. My tree is daring, in vogue and pays homage to my all-time favorite color. A purple Christmas tree complete with pink bows, silver balls and cupcake ornaments is the unexpected and fun focal point of my living room. Whether you lean evergreen or artificial, old fashioned or modish, here are some of my favorite trimmings sure to inspire so you can get your tree Santa-ready, too.

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Did you see ornaments to suit your holiday style? We hope you’ll create your dream Christmas Tree with design inspiration from HGTV.

Oh, and just in case you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for your world-traveling brother or dog-loving best friend, HGTV’s Holiday Gift Guide is brimming with presents for everyone on your list. (I’ll take the Fu Dog bookends, please.)

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  1. pixelecho69 says:

    ! There is no more excuses ! today my Christmas tree will be ready, I have different theme's for my ornaments but looking at this page full of wonderful and beautiful decorations you can practicllay decorate your tree with anything, all you need is a little imagination and you can do it.

  2. Dale McKibben says:

    I put up 5 live trees each year. I started when my son was born. We have a family tree with all my favorite ornaments. My son has a tree all of cats. When my first daughter was born, we added her tree of all snowflakes. My second daughter 's tree is all angels and she also has a funky tree make with a tree branch and funky colored ornaments. Now this year, my granddaughter adds her tree which is snowmen. When they leave the nest they will take their tree to their new home.

  3. Debra Harris says:

    Gorgeous trees !!!!

  4. cynthia says:

    nice. i was less than thrilled with a couple of the celebrity house decorating jobs. at this point i have watched six homes done and only liked four of them. sure shows how we all differ in how we view things LOL i think my favorite was sherri shepard's apartment. gorgeous. just lovely. i could move into that one.

  5. jane says:

    I wasn't thrilled either. A tree should be "tree" shaped and with all the crap exploding out of the top of one of the prettier trees it just kind of left me wishing they hadn't done that. I like the "wildlife" tree but it's nothing like a Christmas tree and I don't like the use of odd colors…if that makes me an old fogey so be it. To each his own. :) Merry Christmas.

  6. I did my mantle in pink and purple. :) And for super cheap, too. The trick? Picking up a couple of paint samples from the hardware store in the exact colors I wanted:

  7. they are all beautiful!!!!

  8. Raymond Quitugua says:

    well my tree isn't real it's just real real big! I have a artificial 10ft full tree! It's beautiful! I've always dream of a maces Christmas tree with out the high ticket! And I did! I have clear lights to give it a more uniform feel and everything is colored in red, gold and green! I have poinsettia's with glitter from michaels all over it along with cranberry trimmings and my tree is top off with a huge red bow I made from hand with strums of ribbon cascading down. The bottom of

    My tree is not put on we have out light up village under and it looks amazing! "btw can we post pics of our trees somewhere?" and I have a 4th tall nutcracker beside the tree with a huge Teddy bear and ABC blocks to match! I love my tree and this time of year! Next year I'm adding trees to each room and I may say a upside down tree is one. I'm so excited!

  9. [...] Christmas tree is decorated with fabulous trimmings, right? So, it’s time to add holiday cheer to the rest of your home. [...]

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