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White boards are no longer limited to proper conference rooms.

dry erase paint

Chalkboard paint, available in an array of colors, is making appearances everywhere, from kitchen walls to planting pots, even kids’ t-shirts. But thanks to IdeaPaint, this is the first time I’ve seen bright white dry-erase paint used in such a nontraditional way. There’s a host of ideas for how to creatively use their paint in your home, at work and in schools. Home offices will never be the same.


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  1. pixelecho69 says:

    What a great Idea let our children express themselves, let them explore their creativity and if they don't like it erase and star all over again oh I absolutely love this paint, thank you HGTV for this Idea that will come in handy in my house.

  2. Victor Sanchez says:

    Hi i am from Puerto Rico and I like to find out which store or stores carry this type of paint product, I am trying to find a paint that has a property to cover a lot of damages I have in a lot of the wall of my house, and I trying to find a paint that help me to covered the damages of the walls. Any suggestion it will be appreciated. Thanks for your help.

    Mr. Sanchez, Victor

  3. Shelley M Allen says:

    Can the dry erase paint be painted over magnetic paint? I have seen many magnetic chalkboards…I would rather do dry erase….


  4. ashley says:

    were can u buy this item and how much would it cost!

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